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Author: Captain Starlight

The Starlight Captains make their last 2015 regional rounds

Day 1

Today we kicked off our regional trip through NSW, Australia, Earth, with a visit to Taree. Christmas cheer was at an all time high as we discovered the power of bubbles. After blowing bubbles with the wonderful reporters from Prime Seven, we created sand art with a couple of incredible children and our rockstar volunteer, Sue, from the Greater. Next stop tomorrow, Armidale. 

Christmas Joke of the Day: 

What's the difference between a Knight and Santa's reindeer?

One is slayin' dragons, the other is draggin' sleighs!!

Day 2:

We landed in Armidale to continue spreading Starlight joy and Christmas cheer.We had a new friend, Jason, from the Greater, to help us on our mission.

We visited a number of children in their beds, singing, dancing and playing to our hearts content. We had a musical extravaganza that transformed us into all manner of interesting creatures, from dragons to Bears, fairies to cats. Last stop, Tamworth.

Christmas Joke of the Day: 

What did one snow man say to the other snow man? 

Do you smell carrots?

Day 3:

Today we landed in Tamworth for our final stop on our fantastical Christmas Cheer Adventure.

We spent our morning with internationally acclaimed bubble blowers and joke telling champions, Joe and Mitch from the Greater. An epic game of hide and seek ensued, with magic used to become birds, bears and Scottish monsters before we gave away the most presents that anyone has ever seen in their life.

Now, back to Planet Starlight before we return to bring more joy in 2016, thanks to the assistance of our friends at the Greater Charitable Trust.

Final Christmas Joke of the Day: 

What's the difference between Santa Claus and a warm dog?

Santa Claus wears a whole suit, the dog just pants.


Knock knock

Who's there?


Centipede who?

Centipede on the Christmas tree because he couldn't find the toilet!