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Author: Bessie Hassan |

3 ways to be more environmentally-friendly with your family car

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When it comes to your family car, there is lots to think about. Are you choosing the right petrol? Is everything running the way it should? Will your family be safe in it? Plus many more factors that you might not have even thought about. But have you ever thought about how your car is affecting the environment, and how you can take steps to reduce your carbon footprint?

It isn’t something we think about, but your vehicle has a big role to play in keeping the world clean. A recent study found that 92.5% of Australian households have a car, so it is something that Aussies need to think about.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads identified motor vehicles as being responsible for approximately 70% of the south-east air pollution. Even when your car is standing still, it is releasing emissions into the air which are invisible to humans 99% of the time.

With the average car releasing almost 6 tonnes of pollutants into the air every year, Australian’s should start considering public transport to try and decrease their environmental impact.

The important details that you need to know for the care of your car is easier than you think. Going a little green with your car can make a big difference to how it runs and it will also help the environment.

Here are 3 ways that going green with your family car can help our environment sustain for much longer.

Car maintenance is the key to a long vehicle life

Keeping your car running smoothly will not only help it from exhausting toxic gases into the atmosphere, but it will also extend its life and limit the number of cars you need to purchase (which is kinder on your hip pocket, too!)

Making sure you’re getting regular checks will help maintain and improve your vehicle's efficiency. There are steps you can take for the wellbeing of your car, as well as contacting a mechanic for further assistance. Scheduling car maintenance in advance will help you stay on top of it, and also ensure your car is roadworthy.

Stop refuelling as soon as the nozzle stops

When filling your car up, try not to keep pumping in petrol when the nozzle has shut off (you’ll hear the click.) When you keep refilling once it’s stopped you are actually allowing harmful vapors to be released into the air and the environment (as well as waste your money).

Some service stations actually have environmentally friendly pumps that are designed to send the fuel back into the pump as a vapour recovery system to help protect the environment.

Lighten the load

Reduce your environmental impact by reducing the amount of weight your car is transporting. Emergency items such as spare tyres and medical supplies need to be kept, but driving around with unnecessary items in your car is weighing it down and using more fuel than usual.

By losing the items that weigh your car down, you are also saving your tyres the extra pressure of holding up the weight (it’s a win win).

Being environmentally friendly with your family car doesn’t have to be stressful. Start by taking small steps and soon enough you will be doing your part for the environment and saving yourself both time and money in the process.