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Author: Greater Bank

Teach kids to save money and save the planet!

Download our fun printable worksheet to introduce kids to the concepts of saving and being environmentally conscious!
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As of the end of 2017, the NSW government rolled out their ‘Return & Earn’ deposit scheme. This initiative allows children across Australia to help save the environment, and make some extra pocket money while doing it. This popular scheme allows kids to easily deposit used bottles and cans in one of many reverse vending machines or over the counter at nominated local businesses, for 10 cents apiece.

Make it "their" responsibility

Teaching your kids to be both environmentally and financially responsible is critical in this day and age. We want to empower kids with the information they need to start helping conserve energy and protecting the environment. Learning to turn the tap off, switching the lights off or turning off the TV when not in use can also help reduce utility bills for mum and dad. Standby mode alone can account for more than 10% of your household electricity use. By adopting positive lifestyle habits, your kids can help conserve energy and save money.

Explain why it's important

With Australians generating 64 million tonnes of waste a year, reusing and recycling are important habits for the next generation to learn. Learning about sustainability and savings from a young age allows children to become familiar with these core social, political and environmental issues that will affect their future.

Use game-based learning

We were inspired by the ‘Return & Earn’ initiative to create a free printable worksheet for kids that educates them on the environment and money. This worksheet suggests environmental activities for kids to take part in to help reduce, reuse and recycle waste. As a bonus, some of these fun green activities for kids also offer ways to make money while being environmentally friendly. We believe this fun printable worksheet introduces these topics to kids in a fun and educational format. For more activities that teach kids to save money, click here.