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Author: Craig Eardley

Captain Starlight and The Greater visit New England Hospitals

Captain Starlight and staff from Greater Building Society will be bringing a smile to the faces of sick local kids and their families at two New England hospitals this week.

Captain Starlight’s visits are a diversional therapy program. During the visits Captain Starlight uses fun activities such as face painting, card playing, singing and balloon making to help kids take their minds off being in hospital. These are the second visits to the hospitals by Captain Starlight in 2014. 

Captain Starlight will be with The Greater’s Armidale branch staff members Sharon White and Jason Quast at Armidale Hospital from 9.30am to 12.30 pm on Tuesday September 16. Joining Captain Starlight at Tamworth Hospital on Wednesday 17 September from 9.30am -12.30pm for the first time is The Greater’s Tamworth branch manager Mitchell Balderston. Lending manager Dwayne Marshall is volunteering for a second time.

Mr Balderston said he is looking forward to giving back to Starlight because they helped him and his family when he was younger. About 15 years ago Mr Balderston’s brother had an accident and spent considerable time at Sydney’ Westmead Children’s Hospital. He was often at the hospital with his brother.

“The Starlight Room was where my brother and I kept ourselves entertained instead of sitting in a hospital ward while he recovered,” Mr Balderston said.

“I am looking forward to giving back for all the days of arts and craft and Nintendo playing I did with the Captains as a kid,” he said.

Funding from Greater Charitable Foundation allows Captain Starlight to visit the hospitals four times a year. In addition to providing funding, the Foundation arranges for Greater Building Society staff members to volunteer at some visits.

The Greater Charitable Foundation has provided more than $500,000 over three years (2012-2014) to enable regular visits by Captain Starlight to seven hospitals in regional NSW and three hospitals on the Gold Coast as well as to support Starlight’s wish granting program. The Greater Charitable Foundation is funded through the profits of the Greater Building Society.