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Author: Sam Graham

Greater steps it up for Cerebral Palsy Alliance

As the clock ticked past midnight, the last day of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance's Steptember Challenge for 2014 drew to a close.

Greater Building Society staff once again stepped up to the plate this year to help raise money and awareness for the charity, with 43 teams entering - double the number that took part in 2013.

While the total number of steps is still trickling in, and with fundraising efforts set to continue until October 8, the initial totals have to be seen to be believed.

As an organisation, so far The Greater has raised a total of $13,538 for the Cerebral Palsy Allaince.

This hard earned total was as a result of Greater staff taking a staggering 40,709,770 steps over the 28 days of the challenge, with the highest individual stepper pounding the pavement almost 470,000 times.

With today marking World Cerebral Palsy Day, Greater employees are proud to have been able to show such support and solidarity for both sufferers and affected families of Cerebral Palsy worldwide.

The Greater supports the Cerebral Palsy Alliance through a partnership with The Greater Charitable Foundation.