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Author: Craig Eardley

New account a LifeSaver for Suzanne’s kids

With The Greater Building Society recently being named Roy Morgan Research Building Society of the Year for 2014, Orange customer Suzanne Twaddle is glad she made the choice to switch her kid's savings account from one of the big four banks.

Suzanne has seen her two kids’ interest in saving money grow since she opened a Greater Building Society LifeSaver Account for them. 

Suzanne says it is amazing that Sam (14) and Charlotte (11) are asking her to show them the balance of their accounts and there is healthy competition between the two of them as to who is saving more.

The two Molong central school students had a youth account with a major bank that Suzanne said they were not using well. 

“The LifeSaver Account is a 100 per cent better deal than what they were getting from the bank,” Suzanne says.  

“To be getting a good interest rate and the money not eaten away by fees is excellent,” she says.

Living on a farm outside of Molong  near Orange, about means there is little time for thinking about school banking or trips to the branch.

“I have their accounts linked to my Greater account and they like to see me transfer money

“The Greater’s internet banking makes everything nice and easy.”

Suzanne says pocket money hadn’t worked that well for them because they would just spend it.

“Since we got the LifeSaver account they are coming to me with money they get from relatives or elsewhere and asking me to put it in their account.

“They have three older siblings that they have seen saving for cars and other things

“I think they are realising to get the things you want in life you need to save.”

The Greater’s straightforward LifeSaver is helping Sam and Charlotte to be better savers, something that can only make their life greater in the future.

The Greater has recently been named Roy Morgan Research Building Society of the Year for 2014, taking out the title for the second year running.

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