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Author: Sam Graham

Helping Setanta remain calm, learn and develop

Setanta, who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), received a sensory therapeutic resource pack from KidzWish and the Greater Building Society this month (April 17) to assist in improving his participation in both home and school environments.

As a result of ASD, Setanta struggles with his self-regulation (the ability to control behaviour, emotions and thoughts).

His emotional regulation has settled with the use of behaviour support strategies, however there were a lack of resources at his school and at home to support his sensory regulation.

His occupational therapist Elyssa Dix trialled a number of different therapeutic resources with Setanta and they were proven to be effective. Elyssa applied to KidzWish for assistance with equipment to allow Setanta to relax in his home and school environments.

“I have been working with Setanta for the past 6 months,” she said.

“These certain therapeutic resources focus on improving Setana’s sensory regulation and behaviour.”

Over $450 worth of objects and specially designed resources were provided to Setanta to help him to remain calm, enjoy his environment as well as learn and develop.

The 10 items in the ‘sensory therapeutic resource pack’ included an air cushion, deep breathing oral motor tool kit, weighted toy, chew necklace to name a few were and was provided through the KidzWish Love and Laughter Appeals Program.

The Greater Building Society has provided $25,000 to the Appeals program as well as contributing to the cost of constructing The Giving Tree at Stockland Shellharbour to raise further funds from the community.

Setanta’s mother Bronwen said these resources provided by KidzWish are the first step in creating a safe space at home and school to help him participate in learning activities.