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Author: Craig Eardley

Presentation of ipad to 6 year old Georgia Walton to help her communicate

A young Albion Park girl with hearing loss has today been given an iPad to help her to better communicate with her family, teachers and friends, thanks to KidzWish and the Greater Building Society.
Georgia Walton, 6, is a Year 1 student at Albion Park Primary School Support Unit. She has Down Syndrome and Bilateral Conductive Moderate Hearing Loss.
Greater Building Society Dapto branch manager Nicole Crabbe presented the iPad to Georgia and her mother Susan at The Greater’s Dapto branch.
Georgia receives speech therapy at KidzWish Place from KidzWish speech pathologist Alysia Revell. Ms Revell said she has been helping Georgia to use key word signs. She said the iPad will be another tool to help her to use a number of applications to communicate more effectively with people at home and school.
“The iPad has been on Georgia’s wish list so she can share news with her family, teachers and friends,” Ms Revell said.
Ms Crabbe said the wish was granted as part of the KidzWish Foundation’s Love and Laughter Appeals Program, a service which is sponsored by the Greater Building Society.

She said the program provides equipment to improve the general health and independence of Illawarra children who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged. The Greater Building Society has provided $25,000 to the program as well as contributing to the cost of constructing a new fundraising wall at Stockland Shellharbour to raise further funds from the community.
“As a mother of three, I am so pleased to be helping Georgia to have the precious gift of being able to communicate effectively; something many of us take for granted,” Ms Crabbe said.
“As a customer owned financial institution, The Greater uses its profits to give back to the local community wherever we can,” she said.
“The Greater has now helped seven Illawarra kids to have their wish granted through the Love and Laughter Appeals Program.
“The wishes have ranged from basketball wheelchairs, orthotics, dry night nappies, and other communication software.”
Media information: Karouna Michael on 0410 331 828. Watch more about Georgia here on KidzWish TV: