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Author: Greater Building Society

New Greater customers are a Life Saver for Youth Off The Streets' programs

Young people from across Sydney and regional NSW have helped raise vital funds for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets’ programs that keep other young people out of crisis and away from danger.

The young people have raised $10,000 by opening a new Greater Building Society Life Saver youth banking account.

In a first for both organisations, The Greater donated $2 to Youth Off The Streets’ outreach and educational programs every time someone opened an account. The target was reached in just four months.

Accepting the funding from The Greater’s regional manager, Colin Hope,, Youth Off The Streets founder and CEO Father Chris Riley said the partnership had great synergy because it was about young people helping themselves and other young people.

He said generous corporate supporters, such as the Greater Building Society, allow his teams to help more and more young people break free from the cycle of poverty.

 “Getting young people to learn the value of money and to save for a better life is something that we try to teach the young people we work with,” Father Riley said.

Mr Hope, welcomed his new customers, congratulating them on taking the opportunity to develop good savings habits without the burden of paying fees as well as help to give another young person a better future.

He said a number of the new accounts were opened by young netballers. As part of its sponsorship of regional NSW netball associations The Greater gave all registered players a $5 voucher with which to open a Life Saver account.

Youth Off The Streets has also received $280,000 from the Greater Charitable Foundation to fund a comprehensive, two year, Hunter Valley Futures educational program. The Foundation is funded from The Greater’s profits.

Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for young people aged 12-25 who are facing challenges of homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, exclusion from school, neglect and abuse.

The Greater’s Life Saver youth banking account pays high interest provided the account balance grows each month. Once parents or grandparents are comfortable with the child operating the account themselves they can link it to a Greater everyday account to enjoy transaction and account keeping fee free banking.

You can open a Life Saver Account online today in minutes - click here to get started.