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Greater Bank calls for an Australian Dollar Emoji

There's a hazelnut emoji, but not one for the humble Aussie Dollar? Not good enough - show your support and sign our petition to have an AUD Emoji included in the next Unicode release!
I'm in - show me how!

Greater Bank is setting out to change the course of Australian emoji history by calling for the creation of an Australian dollar emoji.

In a worldwide study of emoji use, money was the 32nd most popular out of all 60 categories. Unfortunately for Australians, that means using a stack of American bills 💵, Euros 💶, Yen 💴 or Pounds 💷 – there’s no current representation of Aussie currency.  As language evolves to suit our current needs, so too must the icons we rely on to communicate digitally. Join Greater Bank as we lead the movement for better Aussie representation in a much-loved universal language and sign the petition. #AussieDollarEmoji

The Need for an Aussie Dollar Emoji

Speech and language are two of the most important ways we communicate and just like us, they are constantly evolving. As our society becomes faster paced, it only makes sense that our language would follow suit, which it has. Instead of taking those extra seconds to type or say “laugh out loud,” there’s an acronym for that. Even hashtags convey a lot of information in a quick little bundle of letters.

The collection of emojis however is arguably the most satisfying and succinct. Not only can they depict our emotions but they also take on their own cultural meanings. The  emoji for example can mean great job, epic and keep it real. Emojis have garnered much attention over the past years and continue to be rising stars.

In 2015, they made history. The Oxford English Dictionary selected an emoji as its word of the year – the smiley face with tears of joy to be exact 😂. Now in 2017 there are 60 million daily emoji postings on Facebook and there was even an emoji movie (the less said about that, the better 🙈).

Our smartphones now give us a window to the management of everyday tasks in our lives. Arranging our social calendars through to applying for financial services is becoming more accessible from the palm of our hand than ever before:

The Power of the Emoji

Emojis are not just popular, they are also powerful – influencing what we can and cannot say. Recognising this influence, there have been many emoji updates in the past years. In 2014, they became slightly more multicultural with even more racial diversity included in their 2015 update. That same year, the Unicode Consortium also released our beloved cricket bat. 

Australians say a lot with emojis

In a 2015 global study, us Aussies were found to use drink emojis twice as much as the rest of the world; showing our appreciation for social gatherings and an all-round good time 😎. We also took the number one spot for holiday 🌴 and food 🍕 emoji use.

We can flirt, we can be cheeky, we can indulge but we can’t communicate our money stories. Come out on top after two up on Anzac Day? Need to politely remind your housemate to pay the rent? At the moment, we’re reliant on communicating these stories using other forms of currency. We’ve got the Aussie flag, beer mugs, the cricket bat, palm trees, waves and surfers – isn’t it time we also had the Aussie dollar?

Greater Bank is proudly Australian owned and operated – in fact our local customers are our owners. We want this emoji not just for the local Australian population but so the rest of the world can see our beautiful Australian dollars on their mobile devices. Join us as we rally for the #AussieDollarEmoji. Show your Aussie pride and sign our petition now!


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