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Author: Greater Bank

Correction for Investment Home Loan customers – our recent rate change

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As a Greater Bank home loan or investment home loan customer, you may have recently received a letter from us, letting you know what your new interest rate and repayment amount will be after we decreased our variable rates on July 29th.

We’ve since realised that these letters contained an inaccuracy regarding the rate decrease for investment home loan customers.

While the letter stated that investment home loan customers would receive a rate decrease of 0.25% the correct decrease should have read as 0.15%.

Whilst this detail may have been incorrect in our letter, we’d like to impress the fact that the new interest rate and repayment amount specified are correct.

We’re sorry for this error, and we’ll be sending correction letters shortly to all customers who may have been impacted by our mistake.

With this being said, we understand if you may have questions about your loan. Whilst we can ensure that for all customers; the current rate and repayment amount on your loan is correct, if you would like to get in touch, you can do so:

  • At your nearest branch - find yours by clicking here
  • Via our contact centre during business hours on 1300 651 400