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Deposit Bond to buy with confidence

If you need to pay the deposit on your new home, but don’t yet have access to your funds, a deposit bond from Greater Bank is the answer.

The name’s Bond. Deposit Bond.

If your money is tied up because the sale of your existing home hasn’t been settled, a deposit bond can come to the rescue. It acts as a substitute for cash when exchanging contracts, including at auctions. You can secure your new home without breaking a term investment or dip into savings, keeping your money earning interest right up until settlement.

Great Features


We can usually arrange a deposit bond within 24 hours


The bond fee is calculated on a sliding scale depending on the amount needed


No need to arrange expensive short term bridging finance

Our home loans are turning heads


Great Rate Home Loan (5 year fixed)


Money magazine - Home Lender of the Year 


Home Lender Bank of the Year