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How to play Monopoly like a Wollongong local

New York City, London, Athens……and Wollongong.

Incredible international cities that have been immortalised with its own version of Monopoly.

But how do we play the game in The Gong?

When we heard Winning Moves and Hasbro were making a Wollongong version of Monopoly, we knew we had to be involved. We’re thrilled to be able to ‘Pass Go’ in a city we’ve called home for almost 50 years!

Do Monopoly playing styles differ depending on where you call home?

As people from Wollongong know, local love is one thing, but exactly where you call home in in the region is another. So, we’ve had a think about some of the region’s best known suburbs and neighbourhoods, and we’ve put together a guide to playing Wollongong Monopoly like a local. See if you think we’re on the mark.


Game token - Penguin

North Wollongong locals can often lull their fellow players into a false sense of security with their laid-back approach. With beaches like that at your doorstep, most locals would probably prefer to be outside. Don’t let that fool you, though. These players buy up the cheaper properties and plonk down houses and hotels methodically. Though they may start slow, chances are you’ll look up after an hour or so of gameplay and find yourself paying out to them hand over fist.


Game token – Top Hat

You’re in for a tough afternoon if you’re playing Monopoly with someone from Mangerton. With a keen eye for quality, Mangerton locals rush for the Park Lane and Mayfair properties first (or Symbio Wildlife Park and Sea Cliff Bridge in the Wollongong Edition) and hang on to them at all costs. They’re protective of their real estate and are skilled and experienced players. They’re harsh landlords too. If you’re struggling for Monopoly money late in the game and land on a Mangerton local’s property, it could well be time to hand in your token.


Game token – Racecar

The good thing about playing with a Port Kembla local is the game is never going to end with the board being overturned. They just want everyone to have a good time playing. They’re used to change, so watching the game unfold really interests them. They’re good landlords and might even let you slide on rent from time to time.


Game token - Battleship

Shellharbour locals love to take on someone from outside their southern sanctuary. You’re on their turf, now. Though they play fair but play for keeps and are very wary of players who are a little too keen to volunteer as the ‘bank’. Coming from a tight-knit community, they seem to have a real knack for luck when it comes to Community Chest cards, and they know how to make the most of these opportunities.


Game token – Rubber Ducky

Kembla Grange players start out slow, circling the board and collecting their ‘Pass Go’ salary a few times before making their move. They are “people” people and like to know who they’re playing against. But, discount them at your peril. Favouring houses over hotels, they possess an unsuspected talent for fast growth, and they know a real-estate opportunity when they see one.


Game token – Cat

Albion Park players are a canny lot. They’re happy to let those around them spend up big on the blue-chip properties. They much prefer the utilities on the board, knowing they’ll always be there as a regular source of income. Greater Bank and Bluescope Steel will no doubt be in their sights. They like stable income, and a fast game, often accusing others of being a little ‘too careful’ when rolling the dice.


Game token – Dog

Corrimal players are experienced when it comes to Monopoly. They’ve done a few laps of the board in their time. They’re quite happy to be banker, often volunteering ‘so no-one else has to worry about it’. Plus, they don’t trust anyone else with the role. While they buy properties all across the board, they have a strange habit of not developing them. Not only will they opt not to buy houses and hotels for their board squares, they’ll actively discourage others doing so, for fear of their view of the board becoming obstructed.


Game token – T-Rex

Scarborough players are upfront about their playing style – they’re brash, bold, and often hot blooded. If they’ve got money, they’re spending it – that’s the object of the game, right? Houses, hotels, utilities – doesn’t matter to a Scarborough local. They’ll give it all a go if they can see a decent return in the offing. Having said that, they know they may end up going bust, or even in Jail, but they’re more than happy to try their hand at Community Chest, or pick themselves up and try again.

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