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Assessment Criteria

Preference will be given to programs that best address the priority areas, demonstrate sound governance and meet the following criteria:-

• Program Overview - You will need to give an overview of the program you are requesting funds for, including where the program will run and the beneficiaries the program aims to support.

• Program Outcomes, Impact, Measurement & Evaluation - The proposed program needs to display a sound rationale and evidence base and demonstrate the capacity to deliver positive, long-term change for participants. There must be evidence of realistic, measurable and achievable outcomes and you need to outline how you intend to report, evaluate and articulate a social return to the beneficiary families and/or communities.

• Organisational Governance - You need to demonstrate your organisation has comprehensive governance policies and effective and efficient business practices in place, along with the capacity and capability to manage the service delivery and other elements of the proposed program.

• Organisational Strategy - You are expected to highlight how your proposed program aligns with your own organisation's strategic intent. The program must be practical and capable of making a significant difference to the chosen issue. The Foundation will look to support programs that address current and emerging issues in an innovative way or address an issue that is not currently being satisfactorily addressed. If you are applying for funding for a community-based program, you must demonstrate you are responding to an identified community need based on consultation or input from the community.

• Manager & Employee Skills & Experience - An overview is also required of the skills and experience of staff members on the project team to provide the Board with the assurance of in-house expertise and competency.

• Greater Bank Collaboration - You are required to explain how Greater Bank and its employees can add value to either the proposed program or your organisation as a whole. Take into account the geographic area where your proposed program is to be undertaken and the presence of any Greater Bank branches in your area.

• Program Budget - You are required to provide a budget summary which includes the total program cost, the amount requested from the Greater Charitable Foundation and notes other confirmed and unconfirmed funding sources for the program. The program budget must be as realistic and as accurate as possible. If an evaluation is to be undertaken (and this will be the case in the majority of funded programs) then be sure to include the cost of its development and production.