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These activities fall outside our funding round criteria

  • - Activities viewed as the responsibility of government;
  • - Programs with a religious, political or lobbying focus;
  • - Organisations which have not acquitted previous projects funded through the Foundation;
  • - Requests for sponsorship (click here to view the Greater Bank Sponsorship Guidelines);
  • - Grants to individuals, including students;
  • - Grants to community sporting clubs;
  • - Capital grants for the construction or refurbishment of buildings; renovations, fit-outs etc;
  • - Conferences or seminars;
  • - Programs based outside of NSW and the Gold Coast;
  • - For-profit programs or activities; however social enterprise can be considered under the Foundation's charter;
  • - Travel, study or conferences;
  • - Personal living, education, medical or travel expenses;
  • - Funding to other foundations, trusts or philanthropic organisations;

  • - Proposals which are identical to a previously submitted, unsuccessful application;
  • - Commercial film making;
  • - Fundraising events or activities;
  • - Overseas appeals;
  • - Office Equipment;
  • - Equipment for personal use;
  • - The purchase and maintenance of motor vehicles;
  • - General operating expenses and office overheads, including rent;
  • - Activities which collect funds for subsequent redistribution to other charities or individuals;
  • - Retrospective costs;
  • - Purchase of land or buildings;
  • - Expeditions or overseas travel;
  • - Endowments, memorials or named academic chairs;
  • - Camps - residential, therapeutic, respite etc.;
  • - Programs in a school setting*

    * Funding would only be considered for programs based in a school setting where there are established relationships/partnerships and a track record of success.

Other Funding Opportunities

If you are not eligible for a grant with the Greater Charitable Foundation, you could consider other funding opportunities such as:

- Crowdfunding (The Funding Network and online sites such as and

- Community fundraising

- Other grant-makers (Philanthropy Australia can assist with this, they have a number of contacts and resources, such as a Funders Directory)

- Government funding

- Fee-for-service activities