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Guest Blog - Captain Starlight touches down in Taree

Whoosh! 5…4…3…2…1…! BLAST OFF TO FUN!

Captain Starlight is on the road, flying over Earth to visit new friends in Taree today! Captain Starlight landed the Red Rocket at Taree Children’s Ward, super excited to play games, glitterfy some faces with face paint and spread Christmas cheer with the help of our wonderful friends at the Greater Charitable Foundation. The Captains brought with them oodles of games, toys, and presents to bring smiles during the Christmas period!

Captain Starlight kicked off the day by opening the Starlight Salon in the play room! Faces were painted with rainbows and butterflies, colourful arm tattoos were created with imagination, and happy smiles were abundant!

Next, an epic battle of Dobble was underway! Winner takes all in the high stakes game. Captain Starlight was challenged by a team of siblings to guess the match quicker! And victory went to the children! Hooray! Three cheers for fun!

With the battle for Dobble Champion decided, Captain Starlight began an epic treasure hunt. Find the prize and discover what’s inside! The children laughed and used their best detective skills to find their treasure, gleefully searching high and low for their prize! Captain Starlight and the children celebrated their finds by opening their awesome Starlight Christmas presents and beginning to play! Glitter tattoos, Minecraft cookie cutters and costumes galore were discovered by the children!

After one final epic round of the Scribbles drawing challenge, Captain Starlight left the children radiating excitement without a stroke of boredom in sight! With a high five here and a puff of sparkles there, the Captains were off again in the rocket, zooming above all of their new-found friends in Taree.

Meeeeerry Christmas!

To find out more about our partnership with The Starlight Children's Foundation, click here.


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