Author: Greater Charitable Foundation

Tantrum takes a stand to support the elimination of violence against women

Tantrum Youth Arts will present a special showcase of its immersive program, Opening Doors, to educate and empower students at Swansea High School on healthy, respectful relationships in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (November 25).

Year 8 students will experience the powerful performance on Monday, 26 November, which concludes a tour to 20 schools across regional NSW supported by the Greater Charitable Foundation in 2018.

Written and directed by Tantrum’s Producer, Tamara Gazzard, Opening Doors has successfully used the arts to engage and educate young people on what is a pervasive and concerning social issue.

“This year in Australia alone, 61 women have been killed because of violence. The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is an opportunity to reflect on this grave statistic and acknowledge that more needs to be done to prevent all forms of abuse and violence in personal and family relationships,” said Ms Gazzard.

Through the interactive medium of live performance, Opening Doors explores the issues of domestic violence, sexting, as well as power and control in personal relationships. It is an important early intervention program that can help young people who are experiencing unhealthy relationships to identify their situation and connect with the support services available.

Eastlakes Domestic Violence Committee is one such support group that will participate in the Swansea High School performance to provide students with resources and further information to encourage them to seek help if they are facing difficulties.

Greater Charitable Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Anne Long, emphasised the importance of the program in bringing light and understanding to real-life issues and how inspiring it is to see different community groups coming together in support of a common cause.

“Tantrum’s theatre- in-education performance is focused on improving the life outcomes of young people in need, which is something that resonates with the core values of our Foundation,” said Ms Long.

“We are proud that our support has enabled Opening Doors to be performed free-of-charge to more than 3000 young people between the ages of 15 and 18 over the past two years, and has connected them with a range of local support services available, like those offered through Eastlakes Domestic Violence Committee.”

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