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Author: Greater Charitable Foundation

Greater support of some of the community’s most vulnerable this Easter in Orange

Greater Bank employees provide some of the region’s most vulnerable people with holiday cheer, as well as a valuable connection to the community, this Easter.

Employees from the Greater Bank’s Orange branch visited Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Therapy Centre on Monday 29th March to deliver Easter eggs donated by Greater Charitable Foundation, as well as hand-made personalised cards.

While the threat of COVID may have subsided for many people from across the region, it remains very real for The Cerebral Palsy Alliance clients who live with medical conditions or a weakened immune system. This means they still need to be careful, sensible and to isolate as much as possible from the wider community.

This isolation, particularly during traditional periods of celebration such as Easter, can leave individuals with a greater sense of loneliness, which can impact their emotional state and overall wellbeing.

The deliveries were conducted in a COVID-safe manner to ensure the health and safety of the clients was not compromised.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Therapy Services Manager, Anne Burns, said the partnership with Greater Charitable Foundation, which has been ongoing for decade, has enabled them to provide a number of valuable services that support children across the Central West who have or are at risk of cerebral palsy.

However, this simple, generous act by the Foundation and Greater Bank’s employees has made a significant impact on the lives of the CPA clients in the lead up to Easter.

“Connecting our clients with the community is an important part of the service that we provide, however, this has been near impossible given the circumstances around COVID over the past 12 months,” Anne explained.

“The simple act of giving, as well as Greater Bank employees taking the time to visit our centre is incredibly powerful and I know will make a real and positive impact on their lives.

“We can’t thank Greater Bank and Greater Charitable Foundation enough for this generous support of some of the community’s most medically vulnerable people.”

Greater Charitable Foundation, CEO, Anne Long, said that she was fortunate to work with such caring people who freely give their time to help others.

“It was wonderful to provide the hampers for CPA’s residents but even more so to have our branch employees volunteer their time to undertake the deliveries,” Ms Long said.

“We are so fortunate at Greater Bank to have such community minded people who are passionate and engaged with the programs that we support. I know our people get as much, if not more, out of participating in these activates as those whom we support.”

Now in its 10th year of giving, Greater Charitable Foundation has committed more than $9.3 million in funding to support 31 charitable organisations. This has provided a direct benefit to more than 32,000 people.