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What, Why, How


KidsXpress will run six (6) trauma-informed professional development workshops for service providers and educators in the Hunter Region. The workshops will be customized to suit each host organization and will be designed for school principals, teachers, early childhood educators and learning support staff.


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is the term used to describe all types of family difficulties related to financial struggles, family health problems and losses, parenting impairment due to mental health conditions or alcohol/drug misuse, marital discord, domestic violence and family conflicts. In Australia, 1 in 5 children have been exposed to three or more ACEs and there is strong evidence that shows that the resulting trauma has a detrimental effect on a child’s “learning brain.” With such high rates of trauma and toxic stress, all educators and child-related professionals WILL at some point work with children who’ve been impacted by ACEs. Having the knowledge and tools to manage traumatic stress empowers these professionals, yet few have been shown how.


The goal is to not only provide tools to cope with extreme situations but to create an underlying culture of respect and support and an environment where both children and adults thrive. Workshop participants will be shown how to reframe the question of “What is wrong with this child?” to instead ponder “What has this child been through?” and “What do they need to reach their potential?” At the very minimum, these trauma-informed workshops will ensure that no further harm is done through the re-traumatisation of individuals by acknowledging that usual operations may be an inadvertent trigger for exacerbating trauma symptoms.

Trauma-Informed Workshop Impact

Participants will leave with an increased understanding of trauma and its impact upon children, relationships, and wellbeing as well as clear strategies for what they are able to do to connect with children and support them to overcome their challenges. These benefits will have a flow-on effect to the hundreds of children, families and surrounding community that each participant supports in their individual capacity.

Greater Charitable Foundation funding will ensure that up to 240 professionals will be able to attend the trauma-informed professional development workshops and the lasting impact of this program will help these professionals to feel empowered to recognise and respond to children who’ve been impacted by traumatic stress.

Improving Life Outcomes

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