SSCSS has been successful in receiving funding to aid in the capacity building of the organisation and its employees. SSCSS aims to improve the quality of life of unpaid carers by supporting them in their role in caring for a relative or friend who is frail or has a disability.


Carers have the lowest physical and mental wellbeing of any group in the community. Carers are 6 times more likely than the average person to suffer depression. For the past 20 years, the service has been providing a wide range of supports to carers including: the provision of information, referrals, advocacy support, consumer forums, recreational and educational programs, resources and counselling services.


Foundation funding is enabling SSCSS to access the necessary tools and resources to create a long term sustainable business, fundraising and marketing plan to establish and facilitate a carers program within the Illawarra Local Government Area.

Sutherland Impact

Family carers save the Australian economy $40.9billion every year. SSCSS have a vision to create a community where all carers participate and are valued.

By increasing the organisation's capacity, and assisting them in expanding their services to the Illawarra LGA, more carers will have the opportunity to gain support and services aimed at improving the quality of their lives.  

Carer Testimonial


"Sutherland Shire Carer Support Service have a deep understanding of how we are feeling...I would feel lost and alone, feeling empty inside if I didn't have such a support."


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