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It’s never too early to teach kids about money

Raising kids to be smart about money is an essential life skill. 

Now, with a little help from Greater Bank and the University of Newcastle, parents can help children develop good financial habits by teaching them to how to budget, spend wisely and set saving goals.  

Our Fundamentals of Financial Literacy Program for primary school aged students in Years 3 – 6 is now available onlineIt consists of a range of free resources that can not only be accessed from school but also at home so you can work through it as a family. 

Consisting of four video lessons and accompanying workbooks, the program covers topics such as understanding money, money maths, earning money and saving money. Content can be paced according to the child’s ability. 

Once your child has worked their way through it, they will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Remember - you have the power to shape your child’s relationship with money and Greater Bank’s Fundamentals of Financial Literacy Program is the perfect place to start. 

The new program for primary school aged children is part our partnership with the University of Newcastle, which has seen the establishment of community education programs and practical workshops. 

Heading up the Greater Bank Financial Literacy Program is University of Newcastle Behavioural Economist, Dr David Savage, who firmly believes in introducing primary school aged children to the fundamentals of financial literacy.

“We know that poor financial literacy can lead to a lifetime of poor financial decisions and even stop some people achieving financial security or ever owning their own home,” Dr Savage said.

“Learning about financial literacy should start at home. This course will equip parents with the information they need to provide their children with the foundations for a better future through improved financial literacy."

“The online course content provides parents and children the flexibility to access and work through these resources anywhere, anytime,” Dr Savage said.

Greater Bank Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Matt Hingston, said the program provides essential resources that helps parents shape their children’s relationship with money.

Raising kids to be smart about money is an important life skill and our Fundamentals of Financial Literacy Program for primary school students is the perfect place to start,” |

Matt Hingston, Greater Bank Head of Marketing and Customer Experience.

We’ve had great success delivering a similar program in high schools across the Hunter and Central Coast, and with the program now online we are delighted that we can now offer it to families right across our area of operation in NSW and South East Queensland.

“Our partnership with the University of Newcastle harnesses the strength of the University’s theoretical background with the application of Greater Bank’s practical, real-world experience to provide students with essential financial skills for life,” he said.

Find out more about our partnership with the University of Newcastle.

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