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Branch Manager Profile - Edmond Chan

How long have you been in the role?

I started at the Mona Vale Branch in January 2020. Prior to that, I have spent 15 years in the banking industry working as a branch manager and lender with other financial institutions. I am really enjoying being part of the Greater Bank team.

What sets Greater Bank apart from the competition?

As a customer-owned bank, Greater Bank has a great reputation for caring about its customers, which is demonstrated by our interactions with customers every day. I’m proud that we don’t just ‘talk the talk’ but ‘walk the walk’.

As the branch manager, what are the key principles that you and your team live and work by every day?

Our team is constantly mindful of providing meaningful and effective banking solutions for our customers and community groups, today and into the future.

What are the most challenging and also rewarding parts of your role?

Every customer has different and sometimes complex banking needs. Managing and meeting these needs can at times be very challenging but at the same time very rewarding for all staff at our branch.

What's your most memorable customer interaction at the Mona Vale Branch and why?

There are many different people that come through our doors each week. One that comes to mind is long-term customer, Sam, who primarily runs a metal hose business. He also makes the best company pens that I’ve ever seen in my life. The quality and colours are amazing. If his metal hoses are as good his pens, then his business will be a roaring success.

How has your branch supported the local community?

In the past we’ve supported the local primary school, Warringah Rats Rugby Club, Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club nippers, and the Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce. We’re currently looking at a number of options to continue this support throughout our community.

What do you love about Mona Vale and the local community?

Mona Vale is a close-knit community on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that genuinely cares about each other. The people here genuinely want what’s best and to do their best for the community; values that mirror that of Greater Bank.

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