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Goodbye 2021 & Hello 2022 from Coffs and Grafton

HNY 6.jpgThis year was supposed to be different to 2020 and our lives were meant to return to normal. It wasn't quite to be though as we were challenged again by the pandemic.

Through it all our Coffs Clarence Coast branch employees kept the doors opened, albeit on reduced hours for the safety and wellbeing of all, to ensure they continued to serve our customers through these tough times.

Before the curtain comes down on the year, we caught up with some of our Branch Managers in your region to reflect on the challenges of 2021 and what they are looking forward to as we head into the Christmas and New Year period, and 2022.

Coffs Harbour - Nathan Catliffe, Branch Manager

If I had to sum up 2021 in one word it would be ‘change’. We’ve had to deal with plenty of it across the year, in both our personal and professional lives, much of which came about due to COVID. From operating hours in branches and the way our customers interact with us, through to home schooling and managing our home lives, there were plenty of changes and challenges we had to manage.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful team at the Coffs branch that has bonded even tighter through the year as we have supported our customers and each other throughout. We’ve learned more this year about the importance of teamwork, resilience and the ability to quickly adapt, and are all the better for the experience.

We are all looking forward to the Christmas break that will include quality time with family and friends, copious amounts of food and hopefully some relaxing time at the beach.

As for 2022? More travelling and less COVID. Fingers crossed.

Grafton – Matthew Gough, Branch Manager

It is no surprise that COVID has been our greatest challenge in 2021. It has impacted everyone’s personal wellbeing, as well as the operations of our branch as we’ve had to juggle rostering, bring in and train new employees and manage meetings remotely.

I’m exceptionally proud of the way we have adapted with each challenge faced, overcome fears of the unknown, stayed mentally fit and ensured we continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Team Grafton will come together during December to celebrate the season and year that has been before all taking some time to enjoy a well-earned break.

We’re very much hoping that the worst of COVID is now behind us and with that are looking forward to a calmer and more stable 2022, which means getting back to what we enjoy most - working closely with our customers, enjoying our work and growing as a group and business.

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