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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022 from the Illawarra

This year was supposed to be different to 2020 and our lives were meant to return to normal. It wasn't quite to be though as we were challenged again by the pandemic.

Through it all our South Coast branch employees kept the doors opened, albeit on reduced hours for the safety and wellbeing of all, to ensure they continued to serve our customers through these tough times.

Before the curtain comes down on the year, we caught up with some of our Branch Managers in your region to reflect on the challenges of 2021 and what they are looking forward to as we head into the Christmas and New Year period, and 2022.

Nowra - Kirrilly Francis, Branch Manager

2021 was a year of change for the whole team at Nowra Branch.

I came into the role of Branch Manager in Julyy. We had new team members join us and others return from extended breaks. Adding to that was the juggling of challenges that COVID presented all of us, not only at work but at home.

We do have a wonderfully supportive team and organisation though, which has been incredibly important for all of us this year.

We are all looking forward to celebrating the year together with a team dinner followed by ‘Pinot and Picasso’, which I know some of the artistic-types in the team are very much looking forward to. Away from work, we will be spending time with family. A few team members have new bubs which will make their Christmas all that more special.

2022 will bring with it plenty of hope and positivity, and we can’t wait to share that with our amazing customers.

Shellharbour - Bianca Thomas, Branch Manager

We have a wonderful and loyal customer base in Shellharbour that, due to Covid restrictions and health measures, we have very much missed this year. We love personal interaction with our customers, which beyond supporting them with their banking needs, can also entail a friendly chat or lending a sympathetic ear.

Through the challenges of 2021 the bonds within our team have certainly strengthened as we continued to stick together, and kept each other positive and focused on the bigger picture.

We are all looking forward to spending the Christmas and New Year period with family and friends, and making the making the most of our new freedoms by travelling beyond the Illawarra during the break.

Fingers crossed that a year of no lockdowns or restrictions awaits us, and we can all enjoy a sense of normality once again.

Figtree - Gary Luck, Branch Manager

Coming to terms with the reduced branch opening hours for a large portion of the year was tough. Our staff love the direct, face-to-face customer contact, and we know our customers love the personal service. We can’t wait to provide more of that next year.

Through the challenges of 2021 we have been fortunate to be part of such a supporting organsiation. Greater Bank’s support of its people and customers for nearly two years now has been amazing and has ensured that we will all come through the tough times and enjoy the good times again.

The lifting of restrictions will ensure that we can all connect with loved ones this Christmas and enjoy the gatherings we longed for throughout the year. No doubt there will be a few very loud and long sighs of relief after the year we have all had.

Dapto - Michelle Marsh Branch Manager

There is no doubt that COVID had a big impact on the Dapto branch employees and customers this year, but through it all it presented us with a lesson – understand and appreciate the important things in life. What’s been important at our branch is our people who have worked and supported each other throughout the year.

Despite these challenges, our branch has had one of our busiest years for lending, while also supporting the rest of the region to enable us all to reach our targets.

Before we break for Christmas, we’re looking forward to coming together and celebrating the good and bad of the year with our Christmas party and a breakfast on Christmas Eve. Secret Santa will ensure there are plenty of laughs as well.

We all have high hopes for a lockdown-free 2022 where we can move forward with our lives, build up the business and continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.

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