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As well as some of our hours changing over the June Long Weekend, we're also returning to our regular hours of operation across our branch network from Tuesday, June 9th onwards. We'll be continuing to ask you to adhere to social distancing procedures, and limiting the number of customers within our branches. We've put all the info you'll need in one place.


Author: Greater Bank

#GreaterIllawarra helping Rosie lead her best life

Want to find out who else has benefitted from our #GreaterIllawarra community funding program?
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Rosie Brkic has been dealt a tough hand in life. The struggles in her eight years have been immense but her family and friends, along with some help from Greater Bank, are determined for her to live her very best life.

Rosie’s Best Life, a charity set up by her grandfather, Jason Angus, is the winner of the April #GreaterIllawarra funding round, for which they have received $2000 to help support Rosie and the family.

Born in Nowra in 2012, Rosie was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two, but as Jason explained, while doing all they could to navigate through those initial struggles they soon realised there was more to Rosie’s condition.

“Rosie always drank a lot of water. It wasn’t something we took a lot of notice of but after a while it dawned on all of us that it could be an issue,” Jason said.

“In 2017, she underwent a series of tests which detected kidney failure. She was then diagnosed with a rare genetic condition known as Bardet Biedl Syndrome, the prognosis of which wasn’t good.”

Since that time Jason and their family, including Rosie’s parents, Stephanie and Andrew Brkic, and younger son, Benjamin, have dedicated themselves to doing all they can to create special, long-lasting memories with Rosie in the time they have left with her, which according to doctors is simply unknown.

Hearing of Rosie’s plight, the Nowra community recently rallied around the family and established Rosie’s Best Life.

“The generosity of our community has been overwhelming. Unfortunately though, because of the coronavirus we’ve had to cancel a few events, including a golf day that was sold out in a couple of weeks. It’s really put the brakes on the group’s fundraising work.

“The #GreaterIllawarra program came around just at the right time and we can’t thank Greater Bank, as well as everyone who voted and supported us, enough for their generosity.”

Jason said that the family has had to undertake strict isolation measures to protect them all from COVID-19, but look forward to restrictions easing which will allow the family to get out again and provide wonderful and memorable experiences.

“COVID-19 has made things so tough for all of us. We don’t know how long we have with Rosie but we’ll do everything we can to maintain her care and treatment, and hopefully when things get back to some level of normality we can use this funding to make memories for all of us and give Rosie the best possible life.”

Also benefiting from this month’s funding round was Mt Terry Public School P&C, Breast Cancer Illawarra who each received $500 as runner us.

The May round of the #GreaterIllawarra program is now open until Wednesday, 27 May 2020. Hope in a suitcase - Illawarra Region, Illawarra Committee Against Domestic Violence - Shellharbour Branch and Minute By Minute Disaster Relief Inc – Nowra Branch are each vying for a share in the $3000 funding.

The public can cast their vote online at or by visiting a Greater Bank branch. Voting closes at 5pm on Wednesday, April 29 2020. 

Since launching in June 2018, the #GreaterIllawarra program provided $81,000 to support 69 community and charity groups across the region.