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Author: Greater Bank

Helping Lake Macquarie schools to go green

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Primary and High Schools across Lake Macquarie will be greening up their grounds in the coming months thanks to a new partnership with environmental group, Lake Macquarie Landcare.

In celebration of our 75-year anniversary, we’ve partnered with Lake Macquarie City Council’s Landcare in Schools program with the aim of planting 2,500 trees in schools across Lake Macquarie.

The Landcare in Schools program provides free plants for schools to use in projects such as bush tucker gardens, wildlife corridors, frog-friendly habitats and other planting projects within local schools.

It also provides an invaluable opportunity for students to contribute to the ongoing health and protection of their natural environment.

This partnership follows the recent announcement that we will be planting 75,000 trees across regional NSW over the next 12 months as a symbol of its role in growing greater together with its communities over the past 75 years.

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Matt Hingston, said that supporting the Landcare in Schools program was an ideal expansion of the 75-year anniversary campaign and a way to engage school students on an important environmental cause.

“Making a difference to our customers, our staff and the community is what drives us. This project will not only help the local environment but will make a difference for future generations including students participating in the Landcare in Schools program,” Mr Hingston said.

“Tree planting is one of the simplest and most effective ways of supporting the environment. Equally important, this project reinforces the need that it is critical that everyone across the community can and should play a part.”

“Just like Greater Bank, trees are long-lasting and by supporting the Landcare in Schools program, we are enhancing our commitment to supporting the environment and our local communities,” he said.

This partnership will also provide educational signage that schools can display around their school that provide information about the positive impacts the project will have on their local eco-systems, as well as the broader environmental impacts of planting the trees.

Schools interested in the Landcare in Schools program can apply online at