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Meet Kelly

As a program Ambassador, Kelly will be visiting high schools in the coming months to use her real-life banking experience to deliver practical and relevant content around money management, savings strategies and how to make informed financial decisions. Kelly explains why she got involved and what she’s enjoying most about being part of the program.
What prompted you to become a Financial Academy Ambassador?

I have children in this target age group, and I’ve had many conversations with their friends, especially the ones now getting their first jobs and buying their first cars.  Financial literacy is not something that is currently taught at all schools, and for many it’s a learned skill based upon the people who influence their lives. Sadly, too often, in our roles we see young people who make poor decisions because they simply don’t know that there could be a better way of managing their finances.

Why is financial literacy important to you?

In my 20+ years in the banking industry I have seen many customers who have unfortunately found themselves in a situation of compounding debt and not knowing how to get themselves out of it. If they’d have had access to a program like this at an early age, they may have been able to make better, more informed decisions.

What have you enjoyed most about delivering the program?

The lessons have been designed to be really interactive with the kids so that you’re not just standing in front of them reading off a PowerPoint. There are activities and plenty of opportunities for them to actively get involved in the lesson.

What was your financial literacy ‘ah-ha’ moment?

Early on in my career, especially when I started lending seeing customers “maxing” themselves out and trying to refinance and consolidate to reduce their debt. I’ve always taken the time to talk with my customers and using various tools and calculators, to show them little ways that they could make big changes to their financial wellbeing.

Want to get involved?

Want one of the Finance Academy Ambassadors to visit your teenager's high school for FREE to develop their financial literacy skills? Here's how you can encourage your school to get involved in the Greater Bank Finance Academy:

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Content is Supplied

  • The University of Newcastle will supply all lesson content to the teacher. This includes 4 core lessons, plus up to 3 electives chosen at school's discretion
  • Teachers deliver lessons 1 and 3, plus any electives chosen

UoN and Greater Bank visit your school

  • University of Newcastle and Greater Bank Ambassadors present lessons 2 and 4
  • Ambassadors challenge students to think differently and provide real world examples of financial literacy in action!

Financial literacy program

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Clontarf Foundation’s Newcastle High Academy program is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to ensure they are equipped with key educational and life skills.

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