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Meet Teeghan

As a program Ambassador, Teeghan will be visiting high schools in the coming months to use her real-life banking experience to deliver practical and relevant content around money management, savings strategies and how to make informed financial decisions. Teeghan explains why she got involved what she’s enjoying most about being part of the program.
What prompted you to become a Financial Academy Ambassador?

I have always advocated for the importance of financial literacy to my friends and family and believe it should have been something I was taught in school instead of learning about finance from my own interest. Starting work with Greater Bank only months after finishing high school enabled me to continue learning about the banking side of finance and use those skills to teach my friends and family.

Why is financial literacy important to you?

Financial literacy is crucial to me as I want to have the knowledge and skills to set myself and future family up for financial freedom. I am a finance student at university studying to become a financial advisor or for a career in financial crime, for the sole purpose of educating, and bettering people’s financial positions.

Although money is not everything, I believe that being comfortable allows you to reach your full potential in life and enjoy the things that really bring you happiness.

What are you looking forward to most in delivering the program?

I am looking forward to seeing a change in the attitude towards finance. I’m hoping to encourage those who don’t feel confident as it may be something they’ve never spoken about or known how to benefit themselves, and promoting that you are in charge of your financial story and will have the knowledge to reach your own goals, no matter where you come from.

What was your financial literacy ‘ah-ha’ moment?

A moment in my life that made me realise the lack of financial education within the community and specifically in my friend group was the blank look across my friends face when talking about basic financial matters.

It dawned on me that my friends who are buying houses and savings for significant life events have no idea how to set themselves up to be a good loan applicant for their first home, believe investing in the share market is ‘for people who are already rich’ and are led to thinking living fake rich now, won’t leave them real poor later.

Want to get involved?

Want one of the Finance Academy Ambassadors to visit your teenager's high school for FREE to develop their financial literacy skills? Here's how you can encourage your school to get involved in the Greater Bank Finance Academy:

Express your interest

Content is Supplied

  • The University of Newcastle will supply all lesson content to the teacher. This includes 4 core lessons, plus up to 3 electives chosen at school's discretion
  • Teachers deliver lessons 1 and 3, plus any electives chosen

UoN and Greater Bank visit your school

  • University of Newcastle and Greater Bank Ambassadors present lessons 2 and 4
  • Ambassadors challenge students to think differently and provide real world examples of financial literacy in action!

Financial literacy program

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