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Meet Vi

As a program Ambassador, Vi will be visiting high schools in the coming months to use her real-life banking experience to deliver practical and relevant content around money management, savings strategies and how to make informed financial decisions. Vi explains why she got involved what she’s enjoying most about being part of the program.
Why is financial literacy important to you?

Being financially savvy leads to independence and confidence, and allows you to remove some of the pressures you would otherwise have. The world can be tough and not having financial issues gives you one less thing to juggle.

How did you find the induction workshops and what did you get out of them?

The workshop was a great showcase of collaboration between the University of Newcastle and Greater Bank. It also highlighted the experience and passion for helping others that Greater Bank staff have to offer.

What are you looking forward to most about delivering the program?

Interacting with the students - being able to just chat things out and give some tips on how to be financially strong in the future.

What was your financial literacy ‘ah-ha’ moment?

I helped a customer buy their first home once. She came and saw me with limited savings and a poor credit rating. We looked at options, set a plan in place and set an appointment for a few months down the track. She came back months later after sticking to the plan and we were able to secure her first home loan. It was a very emotional moment when I got to call her and tell her that her loan was approved.

As a lender I have helped many people buy houses, from first to 2nd and 3rd homes and it is always a great feeling when I call people to tell them they have been approved. This one was one of the best I have ever done as we thought it would not happen. It was truly a very rewarding experience.

Want to get involved?

Want one of the Finance Academy Ambassadors to visit your teenager's high school for FREE to develop their financial literacy skills? Here's how you can encourage your school to get involved in the Greater Bank Finance Academy:

Express your interest

  • Parents can send this website to your child's school to inform them of the program: 
  • High schools express their interest by emailing
  • The University of Newcastle will provide further information and coordinate all logistics with the school

Content is Supplied

  • The University of Newcastle will supply all lesson content to the teacher. This includes 4 core lessons, plus up to 3 electives chosen at school's discretion
  • Teachers deliver lessons 1 and 3, plus any electives chosen

UoN and Greater Bank visit your school

  • University of Newcastle and Greater Bank Ambassadors present lessons 2 and 4
  • Ambassadors challenge students to think differently and provide real world examples of financial literacy in action!

Financial literacy program

By Greater Bank

Clontarf Foundation’s Newcastle High Academy program is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to ensure they are equipped with key educational and life skills.

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