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How It Works

The Jets:LEARN 2020 program is a 4-week online program comprised of one 45-minute lesson per week. 

Each lesson includes a short introductory video to be watched with your students prior to starting, plus a lesson plan for teachers to follow along while outside. 

There are five exercises per lesson focusing on skills or fitness as well as a final 'challenge' exercise. Students are encouraged to complete the challenge and write down their score on the 'Challenge Tracker' poster provided. At the end of the 4 weeks you may choose to award a prize to the student with the highest overall score or award other prizes as determined by you. 

More information can be found in the Program Overview. 

Program Overview

Watch the intro video for each lesson prior to starting

Download The Lesson Materials Here

Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plans provide an easy-to-follow guide for teachers to put into practice the skills and drills demonstrated by the Jets players in their intro videos. 

Each Lesson Plan provides a guide for timing, instructions and setup diagrams, plus a list of equipment needed. 

Download Lesson Plans

Challenge Tracker

The Challenge Tracker can be used to keep a record of students' scores in the final Challenge task each lesson. 

We suggest you print the Challenge Tracker in A3 and put this up in your classroom for students to write down their progress each week. 

Download Challenge Tracker

That's all you need!

We hope you have as much fun completing this program with your students as we had making it with the Jets. 

If you have any feedback on the Jets:LEARN online program, please email us. 

Email us your feedback.

We hope to see you at a game soon!