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With many of us experiencing more “down time” than ever before, it presents the perfect opportunity to focus on our education. As a customer-owned bank, we understand the importance of learning for all ages, particularly in the area of financial literacy. That’s why we’re committed to enhancing the financial wellbeing of our customers and the communities in which we operate.

We are working with some of the best local and international researchers and educators to develop a range of resources designed to keep your mind active while staying at home.

Our financial literacy program, the Greater Bank Finance Academy, which is now available free online, provides you and your family with resources on how to best handle and learn about money while achieving your financial goals.

Check in below to see what other educational tools and programs are being offered by our partners.

University of Newcastle

Since 2018, Greater Bank has partnered with the University of Newcastle to combine our strengths in education and banking to deliver an education program that is dedicated to building financial literacy across the region.

During COVID-19, we’re providing our financial literacy program free for you to access online.

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Greater Bank

Finance Wise

This video series provides you insight into a range of important issues regarding your finances and the banking industry. Our executive team will lend their expertise to guide you through important matters such as maintaining a good credit rating, dealing with financial hardship, lending regulations and how to identify and avoid online scams.


Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) translational research model aligns over 1500 researchers, students and support staff from Hunter New England Health and the University of Newcastle, inspiring new discoveries to deliver a healthier future.

In this global pandemic, HMRI are undergoing research into COVID-19 and continue to keep us informed about its effects, management strategies and how to stay safe. 

COVID-19 updates

Stay up to date with the latest news on COVID-19 from HMRI

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The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation

ALNF works to increase language, literacy and numeracy standards across Australia, particularly in our most marginalised communities.

During this challenging time, ALNF wants to ensure all children can enjoy the magic of story through their StoryTime and StoryKids projects. 

The StoryTime Project is an online library of stories told by ALNF ambassadors including AFL legend, Buddy Franklin and musician Baker Boy. See below for the StoryTime videos. 

StoryKids Podcast

StoryKids is an engaging and educational kids storytelling podcast, putting the spotlight on young voices across the nation. 

Using prominent actors, kids original stories are transformed into immersive audio storyscapes that inspire and delight children and families. Children also have the opportunity to discuss their creative inspiration and process. 

Selected authors and actors reflect different cultural, social and environmental experiences, and a strong focus is placed on amplifying diverse narratives.

Together, we’re committed to using this platform to inform, educate and entertain families from all backgrounds and across all contexts, as well as fostering a modern and rich language learning experience.

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A note from ALNF Co-Founder Mary-Ruth Mendel

Reading books to children is often referred to as a ‘magical’ experience. Together you can explore another world created by the author and illustrator.
Books also provide us with a rich resource to build resilience in children. We can use books to anchor our children in the here and now with strategies and the language skills to cope with change and stress.
Childhood is a time for growing up. They are still building their repertoire of life experiences. In times of change and uncertainty children need active guidance to meet those challenges with rehearsed scenarios, while engaging with books navigated with an adult.
Resilience grows through two especially powerful skills: the ability to problem solve and command of enough words and sentences to express new ideas.
How do we do that? Through reading books aloud with children.
Books, from the first to the last page, are about characters’ problems and solutions, and the language they use to describe the process of overcoming their obstacles. Each book is a mind map of problem-solving strategies and the expressions that talk about them.
Resilient children feel empowered to action their own ‘good ideas’ with the ability to express their thinking to others. They will draw from the reservoir of ideas built up through their joint book reading. 
To build resilient children do more than read the book - talk about how the characters solve problems. Together you will be building mind maps to empower your little listener to be a practical problem-solver too.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW

Greater Charitable Foundation supports the RMHCNNSW Learning Program, aimed at educating, empowering and advocating for school aged students living with a serious illness or injury.

While many families are confined to their homes, the Learning Program Education Coordinators have gathered together a range of resources to support parents with their child’s education.

Plus be sure to check out the two online sessions below focused on at-home learning, craft, maths and literacy games.

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Children's Hospital Foundation Qld

The Children’s Hospital Foundation QLD provides much needed support, education and entertainment for sick kids and their families.

They’ve partnered with us to provide some online ‘boredom busters’ designed to keep the kids entertained while staying at home as well as educational resources to help our kids learn about COVID-19.

This activity workbook is used by the child life therapists at Children’s Hospital Foundation QLD to help children learn about coronavirus and how to deal with it. 

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Online boredom busters for kids

The Entertainment Team at the hospital know the importance of staying inside to protect those with weak immune systems – and the importance of inside fun! The Children’s Hospital Foundation Queensland’s ‘Boredom Busters’ can help put a smile on your dial. Each one of these free online links has been tried-and-tested by kids of all ages at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, guaranteed to make time spent inside feel big and special again.