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As we spend more time in the confines of our home, the temptation of the fridge or pantry can become overwhelming, and poor nutritional choices can be the result.

We need to look after our health and wellbeing more than ever and that starts with good nutrition.

Maintaining a healthy diet is critical, not only for weight management, but also to ensure our bodies are sufficiently fuelled and our immune system is boosted to fight off illnesses and ailments.

But what does good nutrition look like and what are the right types of food you should be consuming every day?

We’ve engaged some of our expert partners to help answer these and plenty of other questions to ensure you and your family are eating well. They’ll be sharing with you a range of resources, including more information regarding the benefits of good nutrition, through to providing recipes and other helpful tips on healthy meal preparation.


Greater Bank’s association with HMRI goes back more than 20 years. They are internationally recognised for the work have undertaken across a range of health initiatives, including nutrition. The team at HMRI are proud to share with you a range of information about the benefits of healthy eating, as well guide you in making the right nutritional choices.

How to shop for groceries in lockdown

We’re being asked to stay home as much as possible, so that means not going to the supermarket every day. If you plan, rather than panic buy, there’ll be enough for everyone. Download this simple one-page shopping list prepared by Professor Clare Collins to take to the shops with you or to use when doing your online shopping so you’re prepared for the week ahead.

Bolstering Your Nutrition

Professor Clare Collins, leading dietitian and HMRI researcher, offers advice and tips on how to bolster your nutrition at this challenging time. Nutrition is something positive that we can focus on and with more time at home - perhaps we can practice and develop our cooking skills with some of the nutritious recipes she and her team have created. Like everything, food hygiene starts with washing your hands and ensuring that your kitchen benches are clean before you start.

Regional Academies of Sport

The Greater Bank-supported Regional Academies of Sport programs provide young athletes with key nutritional advice to ensure they are appropriately fuelled to maximise performance, as well as assist in recovery. Their team of Nutritionists and Dieticians is now helping us to ensure the wider community is better fuelled during these challenging times. Nutritional advice and tips will be provided by our Academy partners to ensure you and your family are maximising daily performance.

How to create healthy eating habits

Habits are formed over time from performing repetitive tasks. There are hundreds of habits that we do automatically every day. Setting an alarm before bed every night, brushing your teeth every morning, going to training after school, and walking the dog are all habits.

When it comes to healthy eating, it can be harder to form habits that stick. Here are a few tips to help you change some of those habits at home!

Thanks to Nutrient Nation – consulting nutritionists to the Hunter Academy of Sport.