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Physical Health

While self-isolation has become part of our daily life, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising or become inactive. In fact, it’s more important than ever to incorporate some sort of physical activity into our daily routine.

Regular physical activity is beneficial for both the body and mind.
By moving every day you can better manage weight; reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers; as well as improve bone and muscle strength and increase balance, flexibility and fitness. It can also improve our mental health by keeping our minds clear and focused.

We know that being stuck at home can make exercising tough, so we’ve engaged the help of our partners to provide you with the direction and motivation to get up, get outside and get active. National League netballer, Sam Poolman, stars of the Newcastle Jets, and our friends at the Hunter, Central Coast and Central West Academies of Sport are providing a series of activities and tutorials to ensure the whole family is staying active during these challenging times.


For the stars of the National Netball League, including our own Sam Poolman, staying fit both physically and mentally during times of isolation is front of mind.

The ASPIRE girls have been working hard to ensure our young athletes remain connected and prepared for their netball season.

While ASPIRE can’t head to the courts right now, training is being delivered online through a series of tutorial videos and weekly challenges. ASPIRE challenges you to improve your skills, focusing on the basics that are often overlooked. Skills that, when you eventually return to the court, will improve your game overall!

Sam Poolman’s 8-week ASPIRE Challenge

Newcastle Jets

For 6 years we have partnered with the Newcastle Jets to help connect the club with the supporters and communities throughout the Hunter and Northern New South Wales regions.

While the Jets players continue to train at home or in a bubble during COVID-19, we’re going to provide you with a glimpse into their world. You’ll have the chance to work out with them and improve your football skills in preparation for a return to the pitch.

Local hero, Jason Hoffman, will provide insight into what it takes to star in the A-League by sharing his at-home training regime with you.

Jason Hoffman’s At Home Training Regime

Regional Academies of Sport

The Greater Bank-supported Regional Academies of Sport are leaders in providing opportunities for young athletes to reach their potential.

Their programs are headed up by nationally and internationally recognised coaches and support staff that offer a wealth of knowledge across various disciplines.

We’re giving all aspiring athletes the opportunity to tap into these resources and learn from the best. The Academies are providing a range of online modules, not only covering sport-specific training, but also strength and conditioning, and other general health and fitness tips.

A whole range of at-home workouts right at your fingertips!

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

The mission of CPA is to build futures for people with cerebral palsy. The Early Response Therapy Program for Babies at Risk of Cerebral Palsy aims to maximise each child’s developmental outcomes and support the health and wellbeing of the entire family unit, thereby laying a platform for a brighter future. 

Being experts in movement, during COVID-19 CPA have been developing a range of videos featuring at-home exercise tips to keep you moving.

Visit their Youtube channel at the link or see some of our favourites below.

CPA YouTube

CPA At-Home Exercise Tips

Merewether Golf Club

Greater Bank has been a supporter of Merewether Golf Club since 2018. 

Luckily, in times of physical distancing golf is a perfect option to get some physical exercise while enjoying the outdoors. So we've partnered with MGC to bring you some tips from the professionals on how to improve your game!

MGC Professional Peter Johnston will take you through a series of seven instructional videos on the Together Greater hub. 

Merewether Golf Club Professional Golfing Tips