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Get the most out of your Life Saver account

Thanks for opening a Life Saver account. You're going to love this simple-to-use savings account that is designed to reward good savings habits so you could reach your savings goals sooner.

Here's how to develop good savings habits and get rewarded

A great way is to set up a regular scheduled payment, simply put in more than you take out to ensure interest* is paid.

Set up regular scheduled payments today

Login to Online Banking

Login to Online Banking or our Mobile App and select the 'Transfer between my accounts' option

Select Account

Choose which account to draw from, the desired amount, a description and select 'Recurring' for payment timing

Choose Frequency

You can then enter a start date, frequency and how long you want the payment to occur for

Ebony stuck to the plan and her savings grew


When you’re a teenager, it’s not always easy to stick to a rigid plan. For Ebony, her goal of buying her first car in cash seemed a million miles away.

That is, until she discovered Greater Bank’s Life Saver Account. The automated transfers and rewards for consistent saving helped Ebony stay the course.

Every payday Ebony moved closer to her goal of buying a car. At Greater Bank we understand a little encouragement can go a long way.

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The Account Holder or Non-Signing Account Holder on the Life Saver account must be under 25 years old. The Life Saver account must be linked to an Access Savings account in the account holder's name and the Life Saver balance must increase each month (excluding interest) to avoid transaction fees. *The Life Saver account interest is paid on the last day of each calendar month if the account balance (excluding interest) at the end of the calendar month is higher than the account balance at the start of the calendar month. No interest applies if the account balance (excluding interest) does not increase for that month.