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Long-term funding support takes HMRI international

Greater Bank’s support of Hunter Medical Research Institute started almost by chance back in 1998, when young researcher, Dr Darren Shafren, met then CEO, John Arnold at a function in Newcastle.

Dr Shafren spoke to Mr Arnold about the research he was looking to undertake regarding the potential of the common cold virus to kill melanoma cells.

So impressed was Mr Arnold, he provided an initial funding of $25,000.

That project has gone on to become a multi-million-dollar international clinical trial and reflects the trajectory of what has become a fundamental relationship.

Since 2011, this support of HMRI has continued through the Greater Charitable Foundation, and aligns perfectly with the Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of people within our community

“We fund projects that will make a real and lasting difference to lives, and the outcomes the HMRI researchers are presenting are proving to do just that,” Greater Charitable Foundation CEO, Anne Long said.

“We have taken great delight in watching the dedicated work of Dr Shafren and the team at HMRI and could not be prouder to see what they have achieved over the past 20 years.

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