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The Greater Charitable Foundation is again supporting the work of the HMRI Stroke Research Team as they undertake a Phase 3 clinical trial of ‘modafinil therapy’ in stroke survivors to assist in alleviating post-stroke fatigue and improving post-stroke quality of life.


One in 5 Australians will experience a stroke in their lifetime and 50% of people who have suffered a stroke experience severe and debilitating fatigue. Fatigue has been shown to be a predictor of patients needing help in the activities of simple daily living, and is consequentially associated with a poor quality of life, poor mood and a reduced feeling of self-worth. Current therapies to assist patients to manage post-stroke fatigue generally involve lifestyle changes or physical activity, which have very limited evidence of success.


After a successful Phase 2 clinical trial testing whether Modafinil could treat post-stroke fatigue, HMRI have converted their existing MIDAS2 post stroke fatigue trial to an online platform using telehealth services due to COVID-19 restrictions. Participants are screened and assessed using telehealth while the study drugs are distributed from a central pharmacy via registered post and the trial team provides ongoing support.

HMRI Research Impact

This trial, the first of its kind, has demonstrated that post-stroke fatigue is significantly reduced after 6 weeks of modafinil therapy.

Patients also reported a significant improvement in their quality of life through improvements in their energy, mobility and thinking. Reduced fatigue also resulted in one-quarter of our study participants seeking to return to work.

Stroke survivor

“I just had energy, absolute energy. I started doing work from home then began negotiating with my employer to return to work. I could control my own day, rather than having fatigue control it.”

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