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Update your browser for security

Update your browser for security

One of the most important programs on your computer is your web browser. It allows you to view websites and every web page runs through it.

The main reason is security. Malicious people are constantly looking for new ways to steal your personal information. One of the most common ways they are able to steal this information is by exploiting vulnerabilities in your web browser.

The older a web browser version is, the more time people have had to find these vulnerabilities. A newer web browser is generally more likely to have better security. One commonly used web browser that is very vulnerable to exploitation by malicious people is Internet Explorer 6. Another reason to upgrade is that newer versions of web browsers can take advantage of new standards and technologies, making them faster, and a faster web browser means that you will save time on every web page you open.

Installing a new web browser is free and only takes minutes. Find out which web browser you are currently running and then visit your web browser support site for how to upgrade it.