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I found my lost card

I found my lost card

If you’ve found a card which you had previously reported as lost, firstly – that’s great luck!

In terms of your next steps, it’s as easy as letting us know via your method of choice that your card is back in safe hands

  • If you have used our online banking to lock your card, you can simply log back into the app and unlock the card and continue to use it.
  • If you have reported the card lost via another method (over the phone, or branch) simply give us a call on 13 13 86 to report it found

If there is any concern that your card details may have been compromised during the time it was lost, we strongly suggest leaving the stop in place and arranging for a new card to be posted to you.

If you’ve already ordered a new card after reporting one lost, you may have to wait until your new card arrives in order to continue making EFTPOS and ATM transactions.