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Card Security Tips

Card Security Tips

- Cover your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when entering it at any ATM.

- Memorise your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Don't use the same PIN for all your cards, and don't choose your date of birth or other easily identifiable number that might be on something else in your wallet or purse.

- Check statements and call us if you see anything suspicious.

- Do not let your credit/debit cards out of your sight at any time. At a restaurant-go with the card.

- Be even more vigilant when travelling overseas-credit card skimming is an international crime.

- Always sign your cards in ink as soon as you receive them.

- Keep track of when new and reissued cards should arrive, and call us if they don't come on time.

- Make sure your mailbox is secure, and that only you or authorised people have access to it.

- Tear up all credit card receipts and pre-approved card offers into small pieces or shred them before you throw them away. Keep your billing statements in a safe place.

- When you use your cards online, make sure you are using a secure website. Look for a small key or lock symbol at the bottom right of your browser’s window.

- Never give your card number to strangers or telemarketers. Don't give your card number unless you initiated the call.

- When using contactless cards as with VISA payWave, always remove your card from your wallet before placing against the contactless merchant terminal, and ensure you approve the transaction amount before you present your card.

- Using contactless cards as with VISA payWave for purchases under $100 can reduce the risk of fraud as the card never leaves your hand during the transaction.

- If your card is lost or stolen call Greater Bank on 1300 651 400 (call 1300 731 144 outside of business hours). If a Visa card is lost or stolen outside Australia contact the Visa Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) pertaining to that country. Visa can generally issue an emergency replacement card within 24 hours.