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Current Scam Alert: Mirror Phishing Sites

Current Scam Alert: Mirror Phishing Sites

Mirror Phishing Sites

Greater Bank wishes to advise you of possible scams that target Internet users, and users of Online Banking.

What to look out for

Scammers have been known to create fraudulent 'mirror' versions of Financial Institution websites, the purpose of which are to gain customer online banking details. Mirror sites attempt to replicate the content of an official financial institution website, and offer unsuspecting customers access to a fraudulent version of online banking.

The idea behind doing this is so that an unsuspecting customer may enter their online banking username and password, assuming they are accessing a secure platform. Once scammers have access to these online banking access details, they may attempt to use them to gain access to customer accounts via the financial institution's secure online banking platform.

What to do

Greater Bank customers should always follow the following steps to avoid putting their online banking details at risk of being compromised by scams of this nature:

  • Ensure you have up-to-date anti-virus and personal firewall software installed.
  • Be suspicious of any emails, letters or phone calls you receive from Australia or overseas asking you to log on to internet banking by clicking on a link.
  • Never follow links or open attachments that arrive in unsolicited emails.
  • Do not accept links or redirections from other websites or email for the purpose of logging on to Internet Banking.
  • Greater Bank will NEVER email customers requesting them confirm their log-on details or to enter 'card' or 'account number' details. If any such emails are received, customers should contact us immediately.
  • If you click on a link that directs you to a website, look for the SSL encrypted connection, indicated as https:// and a padlock. If you click on the padlock and view the certificate, the issuer's web details will be listed in the 'issued to' section of the digital certificate.

If you suspect they may have provided access details to a potentially fraudulent website, they need to contact Greater Bank Fraud staff through the Contact Centre on 1300 651 400 (during business hours) or via (outside of business hours). If you have accessed one of these sites, your computer will need to be professionally inspected and scanned for viruses, and then cleaned. Online Banking should be disabled until the computer has been inspected.