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Alex became a home owner at 25

Here’s how first home buyer Alex got his start

As a builder, Alex has seen plenty of people successfully break into the housing market. So at just 25, Alex decided to go for it! Here’s how Alex became a home owner at 25.

Alex became a home owner at 25

Alex immersed himself in all things real estate.

The first thing Alex needed on the way to buying his first house was knowledge. This is where we came in! Alex met with the team at his local Greater Bank branch, where not only were all his questions answered, but a savings plan was put together which resulted in Alex reaching his goal of a housing deposit.

Alex kept his eyes on the prize - his first home.

Alex found that communication with us was free flowing and with his Bonus Saver Account all set, the ball was rolling.

Alex watched his savings grow while researching the property market. Thanks to a great interest rate, he reached his goal sooner.

Now, with his first property at 25, Alex has decided this is just the beginning. Another visit to his mates at Greater Bank and a new goal has been set - to buy another property in the next five years.

We’ll be with him every step of the way!

Here’s how Alex did it

Ultimate Home Loan Package

At the heart of Alex’s purchase and renovation of his dream home is the Ultimate Home Loan Package.

He works hard to get ahead and the features of the package offer great value for money.

  • Low interest rate
  • FREE online redraws
  • Fee-free everyday banking account

Bonus Saver

To help his savings for a deposit, Alex boosted his savings with our Bonus Saver.

As long as you make one deposit and no withdrawals, we reward you with high interest for that month.

  • Earn a high interest rate, with interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No monthly account-keeping fees
  • No transaction fees

Mobile App

Alex keeps control of his finances easily with the Greater Bank App.

From scheduled payments to transferring funds between accounts with a few taps.

  • Set up an SMS & Email Alert to manage your money
  • Schedule payments with ease
  • Quick view of selected balances pre-login

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