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Here's how Sam and Kate refinanced and saved

Sam and Kate worked really hard to buy the property they loved in Sydney’s exclusive Vaucluse. By refinancing with us, they're paying off their mortgage faster.

They're working hard to enjoy life.

Sam is a law firm director. Kate is a compliance manager. They've worked hard to buy their house with ocean views in Sydney’s Vaucluse. Sam’s colleague recommended us, and soon after, they refinanced to Greater Bank. Now they enjoy a lower rate, free online redraws and aren’t penalised for getting ahead on their home loan.

It’s magic living here with our little daughter.


It took years of hard work for Sam and Kate to buy their dream home overlooking the ocean in Sydney’s Vaucluse. It’s a magical place to raise their daughter, where they can see the whales swim by from their balcony, and be proud of what they’ve achieved.

When they refinanced with us, we gave them a real person to talk to.

Together with our easy-to-use app, free online redraws against advanced repayments and a lower rate, the personal touch is helping own their home a little easier.

Here’s how Sam and Kate did it

Ultimate Home Loan Package

Sam and Kate were with a major financial institution and knew they could get a better deal.

Our Ultimate Home Loan gave them just that (and doesn’t penalise them for getting ahead on their repayments).

  • Low rate
  • FREE online redraws (which Sam and Kate love, especially for renovations!)
  • Fee-free everyday banking account
  • SMS & Email Alerts to help you manage your money

Ultimate Access Account

Sam and Kate are making their everyday banking even easier with our Ultimate Access Account.

It’s a great way to avoid transaction and account keeping fees, while keeping access 24/7 to your finances.

  • No monthly account keeping fees and no transaction fees when
  • $2,000 is deposited each month (ie, your pay!)
  • Free internet, mobile and phone banking
  • SMS and email alerts to track your money

Refinance and Save

Sam and Kate heard about us through a work colleague and after their initial inquiries realised we could offer them a better rate and not let them get penalised if they got ahead on their home loan.

It wasn’t much harder than that to switch and we even popped out to their place to get the paperwork signed.



Refinancing your home loan might seem daunting, but we’re proud to make it easy and seemless.

In fact with us, you don’t even have to talk to your current lender.

WE can take care of everything for you. It’s as easy as one phone call!

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