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Renae built her day care businesses

Here's how Renae found greater value and easy banking

Renae built her day care businesses to simplify things for parents. At Greater Bank, our products help simplify banking for Renae. Here’s how Renae kept it simple.

Renae built her day care businesses

In a word, Greater Bank made it easy.

Renae started her day care business to help parents like herself get a better deal when it came to their children’s care. When Renae met with Greater Bank, she discovered we feel the same way! We were able to offer a whole new solution for both her business and home. And, much to Renae’s delight, less fees!

A greater deal for Renae and her family.

After doing comparisons, Renae found the best value for her business banking was with Greater Bank. And it didn’t stop there.

Not only did Renae switch her sons’ savings accounts over to Greater Bank, but we were also able to completely restructure her loans to put her in a far superior position.

Now while Renae is looking after other families with the day care, her family is also being looked after with better value banking, while she controls it all with her app.

Here's How Renae did it

Business Banking

Our simple and easy business banking lets Renae concentrate on what she loves; helping other families and seeing their kids get the best care.

Plus we help her avoid those pesky banking fees.

  • No monthly account keeping fees on business accounts
  • Access to MYOB BankLink and Xero
  • Competitive interest rate paid bi-annually on Business Investment Accounts

Ultimate Home Loan Package

At the heart of Renae’s banking products, is the Ultimate Home Loan Package.

Making every cent count goes a long way. She works hard to get ahead and the features of the package offer great value for money.

  • Low interest rate
  • FREE online redraws
  • Fee-free everyday banking account
  • No establishment fee

Visa Credit Card

Renae likes Greater Bank’s Credit Card because it has one low rate which is the same for purchases or cash advances.

  • Low $40 annual fee (but you can pay NO FEE if you spend $10,000 annually after the first year)
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases if you pay the full balance shown on your statement each month
  • The same low interest rate for purchases and cash advances
  • Worldwide acceptance using the Visa network, and added security of Visa Secure

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