Why would I open a Life Saver?

The Greater's Life Saver offers a great way to both teach your children to manage their money, and is the perfect way for those under 25 to give their savings the best possible head start. 

Offering a competitive interest rate and the option of transaction fee-free banking, it just makes good sense.

  • New Car

    If you're chasing that new set of wheels, Life Saver is an ideal option to help your savings grow.

  • New Phone

    Good tech doesn't come cheap, so reach your savings goal sooner with Life Saver and get connected.

  • Dream Holiday

    Use our competitive interest rate to save for the trip you deserve, and don't forget your passport.

  • Manage your Salary

    Got your first part-time or full-time job? Put your earnings to work as hard as you do with our Life Saver.

  • As a Gift

    New little one in your life? Make an investment in their future and open a Life Saver on their behalf.

  • To Teach Good Habits

    Get them off on the right foot and instill the right saving habits from day one with a Life Saver of their own.

Track your Savings Goal

When you're saving for something big, it can be easy to be tempted or get side-tracked.

Whether you're building a nest egg for your first car, a new phone, the holiday of a lifetime or to move out of home, the light at the end of the tunnel can seem small and distant.

So let us hand you a torch in the form of our Savings Goal Calculator.

Simply punch in your details - how much you need to save and when you need it by, and the calculator lets you know exactly how much you need to be putting aside to reach your goal.

Use our Savings Goal Calculator

The Facts

  • Open your account with as little as $1.00
  • No monthly account keeping or transaction fees
  • Grow your balance each month to earn a high rate of interest
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Free Internet, mobile and phone banking
  • Link to an Access Account for fee free everyday banking
  • Access to over 3,500 ATMs nationwide