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Always improving

At Greater Bank, we feel that our customers should be able to do their banking at a time and place, and on a device that suits them - whether you're here in Newcastle, or anywhere around the world.

That's why we regularly ask customers what they want from their online banking. Knowing this means we can get straight to work on the things that are most important to you.

We're constantly rolling out changes to our Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and our great app, which is permanently working - watch this space to see what innovation we'll roll out next!

What we've been up to

Coming in March 2021 - Second Factor SMS Verification

December 2020 - Change Card PIN Online

April 2020 - Print or Email Transaction History Summaries

February 2020 - Share Transaction Receipts with your mobile contacts

February 2020 - Sharing BSB and Account details with your mobile contacts

July 2019 - Batch Payments available in Mobile Banking

Batch Payments have been available in Internet Banking for years, but now we've made it easier for you to make Batch Payments anywhere, anytime, by making this feature available within Mobile Banking.

Getting Started

You can create batches for Batch Payments in one of three ways:

Cemtex File

Create a new batch using an existing batch template

Upload payees to a batch manually

Scheduling a batch for Payment or Debit

July 2019 - Search in Mobile Banking

You're now able to search for a particular feature within Mobile Banking. 

August 2018 - Fingerprint ID for Android devices & Face ID for iPhone X (and above)

Android users, the wait is over. Logging into Greater Bank’s App is now as easy as the touch of a button. If you’ve downloaded the latest version of the App, have enabled a 4 digit access code, are running Android v.7 OS and above and have set up Fingerprints on your Android device, you’re all set to go.

Getting Started

Logging in with Fingerprint ID

You can also turn Fingerprint Login on or off at any stage, from the settings menu in Greater Bank’s App.

Setting up Fingerprints on your Android device

If you haven’t turned on Fingerprints on your Android device, it takes mere moments. Here’s how it’s done.

Head to your device's settings menu and enable fingerprints as part of the device biometric security settings.

Good to know

Fingerprint Login for our Mobile Banking App will be disabled if you’ve:

- Changed or deleted your 4 digit access code

- Changed the Fingerprint settings on your Android device, or

- Registered a new device within our App

Face ID for iPhone X (and above)

With the release of the iPhone X, customers now have the ability to log into Greater Bank's mobile banking app using Face ID. 

Face ID allows iPhone users to access their phone, make purchases and access certain apps using their rear-facing camera and their facial profile. The process is similar to accessing your phone using your fingerprint.

Setting up Face ID on your iPhone

- Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. If asked, enter your passcode.

- Tap Set Up Face ID, then position your face in front of your device and tap Get Started.

- Look straight into your iPhone and place your face inside the frame.

- Gently move your head to complete the circle. If you're unable to move your head, tap Accessibility Options.

- When you finish the first Face ID scan, tap Continue.

- Gently move your head to complete the circle for a second time.

- When Face ID setup is complete, tap Done.

Accessing our App using Face ID

iPhone X users will already have Face ID set up in their phone as part of the device setup process, so to access the Greater Bank app using Face ID, you simply need to ensure you have a 4-digit access code set, and have turned on Fingerprint/Face ID within the app settings menu.

Once this is done, simply tap the login button on our app, glance at your phone, and you're in. Too easy!

February 2018 -Real time payments with Osko and PayID

Greater Bank has invested in the latest technology to make it easier to send and receive money.  PayID & Osko® by BPAY™ have made ‘real-time’ payments between bank accounts with different financial institutions a reality, around the clock, wherever you are.

At Greater Bank, we’ve always made it possible for our customers to transfer funds between Greater Bank accounts instantly, but now PayID & Osko by BPAY allow real time payments between financial institutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, instead of transferring money to a friend with an account at another bank and having to wait a couple of days for the money to arrive in their account, using PayID & Osko by BPAY means the transfer is completed within seconds.

January 2018 - Consolidating Internet Banking with Mobile

We’re always looking at how we can simplify and modernise online banking, and from January, customers using internet banking will notice a few changes that seek to make banking online with us a seamless experience, regardless of the device used to log in.

The updates are mainly to improve navigation and provide a more contemporary look and feel to a number of key sections within Internet Banking:

  • You’ll now notice two Nav options for making payments where the old ‘Transfer Money’ screen used to be – the new options appear as ‘Pay Anyone’ and ‘Transfer between my accounts’. This functionality mirrors the simple set-up within Mobile Banking and our App, and is designed to make payment processing more intuitive and convenient.
  • Consolidation of the Account Opening/Enquiry Screen, allowing our customers easy access to open new accounts and enquire after loan products and other services on any device.
  • The ‘Mail’ section has been modernised
  • Update to look and feel of our ‘Authorisations’ screen to mirror Mobile Banking and our App.
  • Redesign of our existing ‘Payees’ screen, to now appear as ‘Payees & Billers’. Updated design to mirror the look and feel of Mobile Banking and our App.

October 2017 – Creating a seamless cross-platform Online Banking experience

Mobile navigation update

After consulting with customers, we’ve made some slight changes to the navigation menu within Mobile Banking and the App. The condensed menu gives you back more screen real-estate, allowing a more comprehensive view of your accounts, while still keeping the functions you use most at the forefront. We’ve combined our ‘Scheduled Payments’, ‘Services’ and ‘Settings’ menus under one simple tab titled ‘More’.

Products and Services at your fingertips

In the interest of creating an increasingly seamless online banking experience, we’ve now made it easier than ever to open Savings & Everyday Accounts, as well as apply for a Personal Loan or Credit Card with Greater Bank. What’s more, we’ve given you the ability to kick-start a Home Loan application from the palm of your hand.

No more having to head to your nearest desktop to open a new account or apply for finance – you can now use Greater Bank’s Mobile Banking or Mobile App. Too easy!

Check out the below step-by step guide on how easy it is to open a new Greater Bank account or apply for Greater Bank loan products on a mobile device.

March 2017 - Login with Touch ID

Managing your money just got easier. For iOS users, logging into Greater Bank’s App is as easy as the touch of a button. If you’ve downloaded the latest version of the App and have enabled a 4 digit access code, as well as Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad, you’re all set to go.

Getting Started

Logging in with Touch ID

You can also turn Fingerprint Login on or off at any stage, from the settings menu in Greater Bank’s App.

Setting up Touch ID on your device

If you haven’t turned on Touch ID on your iOS device, it takes mere moments. Here’s how it’s done.

Good to know

Fingerprint Login for our Mobile Banking App will be disabled if you’ve recently:

- Changed or deleted your 4 digit access code

- Changed the Touch ID settings on your iOS device, or

- Registered a new device within our App.

March 2017 - Changes to payment screen for Loans and Credit Cards

Don’t always know what your repayments are on your Greater Bank Home Loan, Personal Loan or Credit Card? From now on, you can keep things simple and know what you’ll be paying each month.

For Home and Personal Loan customers, you can now choose between a Fixed Amount (chosen by you), your prescribed Monthly Repayment, or your Monthly Repayment Plus Extra.

For Credit Card customers, you can now select a Fixed Amount (chosen by you), Full Balance or Minimum Repayment Only.

February 2017 - View all cards

View all cards

You can now use our app to view all Greater Bank cards in your name, as well as the status of each card. Just head to “Services – Card Management”

February 2017 - Activate a card

Activate a card

We’ve now made activating a new Greater Bank card as easy as pushing a button in our app. Once you receive your new card, simply login, head to the Card Management section, hit activate on the card in question, and you’re away.

February 2017 - Lock & Unlock a card

Lock & Unlock a Card

There’s no worse feeling than misplacing your card and not knowing whose hands it might be in. Peace of mind is now a button-push away. You can temporarily lock a card within the Card Management section of our app, and unlock it when it’s back where it belongs.

To Lock

To Unlock

February 2017 - Order a new card

Order a Card

Our cards can take a real beating, so it’s good to know that getting a new one is a piece of cake. Whether your card is damaged, lost or stolen, you can now request a replacement within our app. Once you’ve ordered one, you can even monitor its status until it arrives at your door.

February 2017 - Order a new PIN

Order a new PIN

Conveniences like Visa payWave have made it easier for us to forget our card PIN (I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t happened to me…) So, when you need a new PIN, you’re now able to order one in seconds. Simple.

December 2016 - Hide Accounts

Hide Accounts

Say you're looking to avoid temptation on your nest egg savings account. Within online banking, you can now hide your account and continue to make regular deposits so your balance grows.

Once confirmed, the account will be removed from view within Online Banking. 

Note - for joint accounts, the other account holder will still be able to access the account unless they hide it as well. To unhide accounts, please contact our call centre on 1300 651 400.

December 2016 - Rename Account

Rename Account

Looking for a better way to keep track of your accounts? If you have different accounts set up for different purposes, like holiday savings, or an emergency fund, you can now rename your accounts in Online Banking as you please.

Note - For joint accounts, the re-naming of an account will only take effect within Online Banking for one party. For all parties to view the same account name, they will need to rename the account within Online Banking.

December 2016 - Session History on Mobile

Session History on Mobile

Need to check your recent Online Banking activity on the go? Too easy.

You can now access detailed session history for Online Banking on your mobile under the Services section.

October 2016 - Statements available for mobile devices

Statements available for mobile

You asked, and we listened. Mobile Banking and App users can now view statements on their smartphones. This includes statements issued from July 2010 onwards.

Statements are easy to find, in the 'Services' tab, and can be shared via email, should you wish.

October 2016 - Payee Nicknames

Payee Nicknames

Another one our customers have wanted for a while - you are now able to assign nicknames to payees to help you navigate your banking with greater ease.

Nicknames will be available for both new and existing payees, and are easy to add.

They're for your reference only, and the details of nicknames you use won't be sent to other banks or used in transaction descriptions.

When selecting payees from now on, if you have a nickname in place for a payee, that's what will show up. It's important to note, though, that transactions on your statement will still use the proper payee name, not the nickname set up.

October 2016 - Updated Transaction Search

Updated Transaction Search

As well as being able to search for transactions based on description, date range and transaction type, you can now find transactions based on amount.

October 2016 - Numeric Keypad for Account Numbers

Numeric Keypad for Account Numbers

Simple really, but when you're adding a new payee, it makes sense to use the numeric keypad instead of an alphanumeric one, right?

You can now use the numeric keypad, with the option to switch back and forth for account numbers that contain alphabetical characters.

August 2016 - Card Activation

Card Activation on Mobile Banking & Mobile App

Previously, Greater Bank customers looking to activate their card online were only able to do so through Internet Banking. From now on, this is something you can do on the go using Mobile Banking or our App.


  • If you have a new or inactive card, you'll now see a button at the top of your home screen that says 'activate your card' when you login.
  • You can also activate your card through Services > Card Management.
  • To activate your card, just select the account the card is for, enter the full card number and expiry date and click 'activate'.
  • If you have a new card but haven't received your PIN yet, you can activate the card and use it for PayWave purchases under $100 in the meantime.

Here's How




August 2016 - Redraw from Home Loans & Personal Loans

Redraw from Home Loans & Personal Loans

Up to now, Greater Bank customers could only redraw from Home & Personal Loans using desktop Internet Banking. This has now changed so that making redraws from Home & Personal Loans can be done easily from your mobile device via our Mobile Banking App.


  • You can redraw extra repayments from your Home Loan or Personal Loan account to one of your existing Greater Bank Accounts.
  • Loan redraws are available on single and joint loan accounts with the introduction of authorisations on Mobile Banking (more on this below)

Here's How

1. Redraw is available from ‘Transfer between my accounts’. The redraw option will be displayed under ‘From’ Account dropdown list


2. Choose account you want to transfer money to and accept the redraw terms & conditions

3. Check and confirm your transaction is correct

4. View your receipt – it’s just that easy!

March 2016 - Mobile App Quick Balance

Quick Balance is a new addition to our Mobile Banking App for Apple and Android devices.

Essentially, Quick Balance allows our customers to view the available balances on up to three of their nominated accounts without having to log into the app. So, while out on the go, you will be able to quickly view your available balances by swiping right from the App Home screen.

For a full rundown of what Quick Balance offers, be sure to check out our blog - click here.

August 2016 - Authorisation Changes: ‘Many-to-sign’ transactions

Authorisation Changes: ‘Many-to-sign’ transactions

For holders of joint accounts (or ‘many-to-sign’ accounts), up to now, getting authorisation from both parties to transact on an account could be a bit laborious. Our latest update has made this process easier, by moving this functionality into the palm of your hand.  You can now make ‘many-to-sign’ transaction authorisations through Mobile Banking.


  • The payment initiator can initiate and cancel a payment, and the authoriser can approve and decline a payment across any device.
  • For Business customers using Batch Payments, you can now cancel, approve or decline these payments on your mobile (set up of new batch payments still needs to be completed within Internet Banking)

Here's How (to initiate)

1. Select the account you wish to transact on

2. Confirm your transfer details are correct

3. It will indicate if additional authorisation is required for this payment. You can now enter a comment to the authoriser if you like.

4. A notification has been sent to the authorisers and payment is pending.

Here's How (to authorise)

1. As an authoriser, you’ll receive a notification within Mobile Banking

2. Check the details of the transaction

3. When you’re ready to go, approve the payment

4. That’s it – you’re all done!

August 2016 - Secure Mail

Secure Mail

One of the quickest and most secure ways of getting in touch with Greater Bank, up to now, secure mail was only available through the desktop Internet Banking platform. No longer. 

Compose, receive, reply and delete secure mail messages in the palm of your hand through Mobile Banking.


  • Compose new, receive, reply to and delete messages on your mobile
  • View your last 50 secure mail messages in your inbox

Here's How

1. You’ll receive notification that you have new secure mail

2. Your secure mail inbox consists of two folders – inbox and sent

3. Your secure mail messages will appear like this

You can also compose and send a new message. The Customer Service Centre will respond within one business day.



August 2016 - Manage Payees & Billers

Manage Payees & Billers

When it comes to managing your money, it’s clear that mobile is king in terms of ease and simplicity. That’s why we’ve made it simpler for you to view, add, edit and delete your payees and billers within Mobile Banking and our Mobile App.

Here's How

1. You can now choose to edit or delete payees and billers on the ‘pay anyone’ and BPAY screens within Mobile Banking

2. Editing payee and biller details is a cinch (Note: Biller Name and Biller Code are not editable)

3. You can also delete a Payee/Biller in seconds

We’ve also made it so that you can find a payee or biller through ‘Services’ and make a payment in seconds.

1. To find your Payees & Billers list, simply head to Services

2. Your list of Payee/Billers will appear in alphabetical order


3. Select a payee or biller to quickly view their details


4. Click on the payee or biller to quickly edit their details

August 2016 - Transaction Search

Transaction Search

You can now easily find specific transactions on your mobile based on description, date, or transaction type. Previously only available through Internet Banking, this feature helps you keep better track of your money, wherever you are.

Here's How

1. Within each account, you now have the option to search transactions

2. Click the dropdown to view search options - Description, Date Range and Transaction type

3. Your results will display below

April 2016 - Improved payment processing functionality

Editing Scheduled Payments

In the past, our App only offerred the ability to create and delete scheduled payments. To offer more flexibility, you can now change or edit your scheduled payments within the App.


Selecting Accounts, Payees & Billers

The way our customers were able to select accounts, payees and billers in the past depended on your smartphone operating system. A lot of times, important information about payees wasn't viewable, meaning our customers had to resort to logging onto internet banking on a desktop to process payments.

Our new drop-down list takes care of this - all your account, payee and biller information is displayed, meaning you can do even more on your mobile. What's more, if you have a long list of payees or billers, simply start typing and select from the list of options.


Selecting Payment Dates

Previously, when selecting a payment date within the app, our customers were only able to use the dd/mm/yyyy format. 

We understand that when setting up scheduled payments, it's important to know exactly when a deduction will occur in relation to your income frequency - for example, if you get paid of a Thursday.

With this in mind, we've rolled out an easy to use calendar format, so that when it comes time to schedule your payments, you can be sure you'll have the money in your account needed to meet your commitments.

November 2015 - Simplified Mobile Banking Homescreen

You can now easily scroll down to view all your accounts on the Home screen. The menu is fixed to the bottom of the screen so it’s easy to make a payment or select any other service we offer. We've also added the BSB to your account details, so it's visible at all times.


Just below the Accounts list, you have the option to sort your accounts in the order of your preference.

November 2015 - Improved Transactions Screen

We’ve applied a new layout so it’s easier to view your transaction history.


You can also view your upcoming scheduled payments as well as process a payment from this screen.

November 2015 - More informative Account Details Screen

When you click through from the Transactions screen to the Account Details screen, you’ll be able to view more information about your accounts such as:

- interest rate

- minimum repayment amount

- interest earned over the last financial year/s

- your address details

We’ve also applied a new layout and improved the functionality for the 3 payment options (Transfer between my Accounts, Pay Anyone and BPay). These changes include:

- Clear distinction between a Saved Payee/Biller and New Payee/Biller

- For saved payees, the description field is pre-populated with the previous description

- Easier to set up a payment schedule (now, later and recurring)

- Once you’ve completed a payment, you also have the option to process another payment without having to navigate to the Home screen

September 2015 - Viewing Pending VISA Transactions

You can now view your Pending VISA Transactions on Internet and Mobile Banking. In most cases these transactions make up the difference between your Current and Available Balance.

When paying with your Credit Card or using VISA payWave, the transaction is likely to be ‘Pending’ for a few days.

Example - Internet Banking


Example - Mobile Banking

September 2015 - Set up Alerts on Mobile Banking to keep track of your finances

You can set up Email and SMS Alerts through Internet and Mobile Banking. You can request regular Balance updates or when Deposits and Withdrawals are.

You can also set up Alerts to notify you when there are insufficient funds in your account to honour cheques or direct debits. It will give you time to credit required funds into your account for these transaction to be honoured.

Example - Mobile Banking



Find out more out Real-time payments using Osko & Pay ID

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The new features of PayID and Osko by BPAY® let you:

Make real-time payments to all participating banks 

> Make payments to mobile numbers,  email addresses and ABNs – pay your friends instantly when splitting bills

> Send payment descriptions of up to 280 characters, including emojis ☺️

>  Create a PayID which could be your mobile number, email or ABN and link it to an account. When someone needs to pay you, give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number.

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Doing your banking online is not only simple and safe - it's also very convenient.

Manage your money when and how it suits you, without regular pesky outages - our Internet and Mobile Banking is online 99.9% of the time.

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