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Making tax time easier with online banking

tax time imageEach year at tax time, I’d look down at my wallet, bulging with receipts, and be reminded of George Costanza from Seinfeld. It was as thick as a hamburger (with extra lettuce), and by the time I’d managed to wade through the process of lodging my tax return, I was left screaming “Serenity Now!”

No more. There is simply a better way.

When it comes time to lodge your return, Greater Bank’s online banking features and tools really come in handy. Here’s how.


You’ll no doubt be accessing online banking frequently while lodging your return. Doing so through our mobile banking app is easy using our 4-digit pin. What’s more, if you accidentally forget your password for Online Banking, you can reset it yourself online in minutes – just click ‘forgot your password?’ on the login page.


Knowing how much interest you’ve paid or accrued over the last financial year is vital at tax time. We’ve made it simple – just log into Online Banking, view your statement for the last FY, and get what you need in moments. No calculator required!

Statements & Transactions

You may need to keep track of your accounts or search for certain transactions over the last year in order to claim deductions. This is a breeze.

  • You can view and print full statements on any of your accounts/loans for the past financial year through Online Banking
  • You’re able to search for specific transactions (say, parking payments or expensed meals) using our advanced transaction search within Online Banking
  • You can then save, print or export specific transactions to your PC from within Online Banking.

Know when your return arrives

Once you lodge your return, you’re able to set up an SMS or Email Alert in moments, so that as soon as funds clear into your account, you can put them to good use.

SMS and Email Alerts can easily be set up within Online Banking or our Mobile App.

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