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5 easy ways to cut everyday costs

Cut everyday costs imageWe all know there are certain costs in our lives we can’t avoid. Things like rent or mortgage payments, and paying off our cars. While it’s important to make sure we’re getting a good deal on these regular expenses, one of the often overlooked ways we can help keep more money in our pockets is to look closely at the costs we rack up doing more everyday things.

Here’s how being more mindful to the things we can take for granted in our lives can save us money.

Re-think credit

If you reach for your credit card so often you find yourself doing it in your sleep, it might be time to re-think. Managing your relationship with credit is important - we’ve blogged on this before. If you’re able to keep your credit card balance at healthy levels and make regular repayments, so much the better. If you find that your balance is getting out of hand, it might be time to think about your purchase behaviour, and if you’ve racked up multiple debts, consolidating them could help ease financial pressure.

In the driver's seat

We use our cars everyday without thinking twice, and although we like to complain about rising fuel prices, we rarely do anything about it, right? Saving money behind the wheel is as simple as completing multiple errands in one trip, using the most fuel efficient car you have access to on long trips, using apps that provide directions based on shortest distance, and driving conservatively to minimise fuel usage and wear and tear on your tyres.

Media consumption & data

Netflix. Spotify. Foxtel. Stan. Presto. Optus Sport. The list of ways we pay for and consume media is endless these days. One easy way to cut costs is to re-examine your subscriptions (which auto renew month-on-month) and ask yourself which ones you could do without. And when it comes to your Telco and data usage, don’t be afraid to hit the market and hunt for a better deal – it’s a competitive world out there.

It's (actually) easy being green

In a country of weather extremes, bill shock is common, especially after summer and winter. To avoid this, you can use an energy comparison site to explore better value options on the market. Not to mention, look to utilise things like water efficient shower heads and light bulbs, clean your air conditioner filters regularly, and operate appliances like dishwashers in off-peak times.

The right account

If you regularly use your card to make EFTPOS transactions or withdraw cash, but notice you’re racking up fees, the issue may be to do with your account. Everyday accounts like the Greater Ultimate Access account allow you to make unlimited fee-free transactions when you deposit at least $2,000 into your account per month (like your salary, for instance). Is it time to re-think your account?

Deals, deals, deals

FOMO is real, and yes, you may be missing out. Mobile deal apps help you save money on the things we buy everyday – check your app store and start saving. And when asked if you’d like to become a member of a retailer’s loyalty program, don’t just say no straight away – if the potential saving is worth it, sign up!

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