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Tips for shopping online safely

Online ShoppingIf you’ve never delved into the world of online shopping, it’s well worth a look. Being able to buy pretty much anything online has disrupted the retail market as we once knew it, and the ‘always-on,’ competitive mentality of online retailers means that there are bargains abound for the savvy shopper.

However – it’s worthwhile mentioning that online fraud is a real and persistent issue for both retailers and consumers. Here’s what you need to know as an online shopper so you can make the most of your purchasing power while staying safe.

Security First

Before you even reach for your credit or debit card, a few simple checks can confirm the site you’re browsing is legit.

Double check the web address. Make sure you have it spelled correctly, and save it to your favourites.
Make sure the web address begins with https instead of http. This ensures your info will be encrypted.
Look for the lock symbol next to the URL – this also indicates the site uses the correct encryption.

C'mon, get appy

Some larger retailers will even offer secure online shopping apps through the Android and iPhone App Stores. You can shop securely within the app, however, if the app stores your financial details, it’s a good idea to put some second-factor security measures in place, like a fingerprint or pin verification to unlock your phone. This way, in the event that your phone/device is lost or stolen, your details remain just that bit safer.

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The little things

The way we live our lives predominantly online these days means we may be blind to some of the little ways we can put ourselves at risk. For example:

  • Don’t use a public computer or a free wireless connection when shopping online. Use your home computer with a secure connection, or use 4G on your device.
  • Make sure your PC or device has adequate security software that can protect you against identity theft, viruses and other online threats.
  • Don’t get spammed via email. If you receive unsolicited communications online, or an offer in your inbox that sounds too good to be true, just delete it straight away and save yourself the heartache later.
  • Keep your receipts. The temptation to ignore or delete when shopping online can be greater, but cover yourself by storing them in a dedicated inbox folder just in case.

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