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For love – no other reason

We get it – you’re sick of paying double rent and leaving things at each other’s place. It’s time to move in with your partner. While sharing an abode can be fun and extremely rewarding, it’s important you’re considering it for the right reasons. After all, once you move in together, the break-up stakes get a lot higher.

For this reason, you should avoid signing a lease (or even buying your first place) together until both of you are 100% comfortable. Don’t leave the decision up to external pressures, such as time or money. Just because one of you has a nicer place, or one of your leases is running out, or you can’t afford to keep up the rent on your current pad – these aren’t good enough excuses.

If you’re toying with the idea of moving in together, ask yourself – are you ready to be around this person all the time? To have them see you at your worst? If so, then all you have to do is work up the courage to ask them to take that next step and move in (you can do it – we believe in you!)

Agree on the $$ split

Before you move in together, talk money, and talk often. You’re about to start sharing a house, so unless you’re willing to be open a lot of stuff, including money, your future together might not be so bright.

1. Budgeting

If your idea of money management is making sure you’ve always got enough change in your car’s centre console for a Macca’s soft serve cone, you might wanna think about brushing up before you start sharing digs with your beloved. You’ll need to talk budgets before you move in together – who will pay for what and when. It doesn’t have to be 50/50, but it does have to be fair based off your income levels.

Use our budget calculator

2. Sharing finances

If you can’t wait to share everything with your partner – sharing a Netflix password, sharing leftover pizza, sharing a bedroom and bathroom, then before long the conversation about sharing finances is going to come up. Look, it doesn’t have to mean you combine everything, but having a joint savings account so you can save towards a common goal (like a holiday, or a housing deposit) might be a great way to dip your toe.

Open a savings account together online

Downsize stuff 1st, co-habitate 2nd

Look, you may think the place you rent is small now, but add in a whole other person, and all their stuff, and you’d be forgiven for hyperventilating. Before the sharpie-covered boxes start appearing in your doorway, give the contents of your place a bit of pairing back.


Clothes are a great place to start. Put everything you own on the bed, and anything everyday that hasn’t been worn in over 12 months, donate it to charity. Someone else can love your old Ed Hardy T-shirts!

Old junk

Old paperwork, magazines, videos and DVDs are next. If it’s not essential, and is not something you can see bringing you joy in years to come, kick it to the curb.


If you and your partner have any furniture double ups (for example, one of you has a dusty old fridge with leaky seals, while one has the new Fisher & Paykel) then there may be a chance to put some stuff on GumTree and find it a new home, while making some sweet coin.

Be realistic

Let us explain ourselves, here. Too many couples fall into the trap of thinking that once they move in together, their relationship will be nothing but wild, windswept romantic evenings and endless laughter. Sure – hopefully your lives together will have more than their fair share of these moments, but what you’re essentially doing is choosing someone special enough to share your everyday reality with.

The reality of reality is: sometimes things go wrong, and things aren’t always perfect. So, just be prepared. If your partner leaves the toilet seat up (or down), or if they snore, or if they keep a weird collection of action figures, you’ve gotta be ready to accept the situation, and deal with it together. You don’t get the rainbow without the rain.

PS – One last handy hint: both of you should contact your insurers to notify them of a change in your living situation, as well as your bank, to update your address. Enjoy!