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How do I avoid interest and fees?

How do I avoid interest and fees?

To avoid interest on any purchase transactions you need to pay your statement balance in full by the payment due date each month. Some types of transactions will incur interest straight away. These include cash advances and balance transfers. Cash advances can also be payments you make using BPAY® if the biller doesn’t accept a credit card transaction and will also incur interest charges immediately.

The fees associated with your card are outlined in your credit card agreement, for details on the current amounts refer to our credit card fees and charges flyer.

Tips to avoid fees:

  • Set up an alert or schedule your payments to make sure you don’t forget to pay by the due date.
  • Aim to pay off the full balance each month, maximising your money.
  • If you can’t pay the statement balance in full then you need to pay the minimum amount due at least, to avoid any additional fees being due.